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Sun May 15 12:05:19 EDT 2011

On the 63rd anniversary of Al-Nakba we will struggle until return and 

May 15: No Surrender!

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued the 
following statement on the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba:

To the heroic masses of our people, to the free Arabs of our nation's 
burning revolution, to all progressive and democratic forces in the world...

Amid an atmosphere of revolutionary Arab movements, wide mass 
initiatives awakening Arab politics, and in memory of one of the 
great crimes of political history - the Nakba of the Palestinian 
people, which has been a catalyst for the Arab cause and Arab 
movement since the last century, we, in the Popular Front for the 
Liberation of Palestine affirm on this anniversary our fierce 
commitment to the rights of our people and our nation to all of the 
historic land of Palestine. We reaffirm once again our firm 
commitment to the rights of the Arab Palestinian people in the face 
of massacres, the massive war machine of destruction and imperialism, 
and the complicity of the so-called "international community," and in 
the face of Palestinian and Arab official weakness to the point of 
treason against the land and its people. We affirm our unshakeable 
adherence to the right of our people to return to their homes from 
which they were displaced, and to the struggle to achieve and 
implement this just demand at all costs.

The Arab Palestinian people, all the peoples of the great Arab 
nation, and all democratic and progressive people in the world, 
remember the Nakba on this day - remember the barbarism, racism, 
fascism, and violence of Zionism and the imperialist conspiracy and 
involvement, not only against the Palestinian people but against all 
Arabs. Imperialism worked with all its might for the establishment of 
the Zionist entity on the land of Palestine in order to secure its 
ability to loot Arab wealth and resources, control the destinies of 
our nation, and to prevent our nation's development and progress, 
leaving us prey to dependency, underdevelopment and dictatorship. The 
resistance to the Zionist project, uniting the force of the 
Palestinian people and the Arab nation, if collective and unanimous, 
will achieve certain victory.

On the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba against our people and the 
racist Zionist project usurping our land, the Zionist project now 
shivers in horror and fear at the rise of the Arab people and the 
loss of its main ally in the biggest Arab state, Egypt, the eternal 
land of Abdel Nasser, which proved yesterday through the mobilization 
of its people that all the years of Camp David and all the years of 
normalization with the Zionist entity have done nothing to erase the 
memory of the Arab people and their commitment to the liberation of 
Palestine. The cries of the nation of Bouazizi in Tunisia  - "The 
people want to liberate Palestine" - express the popular call of the 
Arab people, which no dictatorship has been able to suppress or 
erase. The inevitable demise of the Zionist project is clear in the 
movement of the Arab people, in the continued movement of the 
Palestinian and Lebanese resistance, and the march forward of the 
Arab revolution.

To the revolutionary Arab youth - we, the youth and people of 
Palestine, with our eyes yearning to make our own revolution, promise 
that the banner of Arab Palestine will not fall. Despite living under 
vastly different circumstances, we find in you a glimmer of hope and 
real strength, bringing down the regimes of weakness and complicity. 
Palestine's own Arab identity is clearer than ever, and our 
collective Arab and Palestinian youth rebellions and aspirations are 
a popular choice of a generation that is shaking the dust of fear and 
defeat from its shoulders in order to build and struggle for victory.

To the Palestinian youth activists - This is not only a time to 
remember al-Nakba, it is also a time for comprehensive review of our 
national project and all policies since the beginning of our 
revolution, in order to reformulate this project based on the lessons 
of history and our faith in the ability of the people to defeat 
injustice, based on the contemporary achievements of the revolution 
and the development of Palestinian national identity. We must look at 
our path and our course in the long battle to come, assess what is 
required of us now amid the waves of Arab change, to develop a 
comprehensive national strategy of struggle, including the 
restructuring and democratization of all representative Palestinian 
institutions, and build our resistance, national base, and national 
consensus, independent of international dictates and derived from our 
people's interests and needs - for liberation, return, and all forms 
of resistance to defeat the occupation, free our prisoners, and 
implement the right to return, self-determination, and the 
establishment of an independent, fully sovereign Palestine with 
Jerusalem as its capital.

The enemy must recognize that despite all attempts to secure official 
Palestinian concessions, our people will never forget and never 
accept our own subjugation and dispossession. The Zionist movement 
engaged in systematic displacement and ethnic cleansing throughout 
Palestine in order to attempt to force us to become a minority in our 
own land and establish the so-called "Jewish state," but it is 
desperate now as it recognizes that its future defeat is inevitable 
and the coming days are those of our nation and our people.

On the anniversary of the Nakba, we stress our absolute rejection of 
any acceptance of the occupaion and renew our commitment to the 
struggle of the martyrs and the prisoners, of all of the displaced 
people in refugee camps and throughout the world, that we will fight 
and struggle until all return, and our national and historical rights 
are achieved.

Glory to the martyrs and freedom to the prisoners - We will continue 
the struggle until liberation and return!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

May 14, 2011

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