[News] PFLP suspends its participation in PLO Executive Committee to protest return to negotiations

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PFLP suspends its participation in PLO Executive Committee to protest 
return to negotiations


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine announced in a 
press conference on September 25, 2010 that it was suspending its 
participation in the PLO Executive Committee in response to Abu 
Mazen's return to negotiations and the illegitimate "approval" of the 
EC for this dangerous action.

At a press conference held in Ramallah led by Deputy General 
Secretary Comrade Abdel-Rahim Mallouh and Political Bureau members 
Comrades Khalida Jarrar and Omar Shehadeh, the Front warned of the 
serious consequences and repercussions of the policy of concessions 
and appeasement to the U.S. and Israel.

The press conference issued a statement, as follows:

A policy statement issued by the Central Committee of the Popular 
Front for the Liberation of Palestine

To the masses of our Palestinian people struggling in Palestine And 
the Diaspora...
To the masses of our glorious Arab Nation...

We make this statement today in light of our full national and 
historical responsibility and a high level of consciousness of the 
great risks to our people of current political developments on the 
Arab and Palestinian level. In light of the action of the leadership 
of the Palestine Liberation Organization to return to direct 
negotiations with the government of the Zionist entity under the 
auspices of U.S. imperialism, the Central Committee of the Popular 
Front for the Liberation of Palestine convened an extraordinary 
meeting to discuss all of these developments, which determined the following:

First: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has firmly 
adhered to a categorical rejection of Oslo since 1993, and warned 
early of its dangerous approach and its disastrous consequences for 
the Palestinian cause, the PLO program and charter, and the 
Palestinian national struggle. The decision to return to direct 
negotiations is one that has failed for nearly two decades now. It is 
an affront to the blood of our people shed in the Al-Aqsa Intifada 
2000 and represents the persistence of the PLO leadership to continue 
the devastating Oslo path, despite its devastating effect on our 
people. This development places the Palestinian cause in the hands of 
U.S. imperialism and Zionism, holding it accountable to their 
dictates, which aim at the liquidation of the inalienable historic 
and national rights of our people, particularly the right of return 
for refugees, the right of self-determination, and the right of 
citizenship and presence on the land of Palestinians in the 1948 
occupied areas of Palestine. The direct negotiations also help to 
break the growing international isolation of the Zionist entity, to 
protect its leaders from accountability and consequences of their 
crimes and slaughter, and to circumvent the growing international 
solidarity with our people and their rights. They provide a cover for 
the occupation practices and policies of settlement building, land 
confiscation, displacement, siege, detention, imprisonment and 
killing; further erode our Palestinian national position and national 
constants; and contribute to the deepening of the disastrous internal 
Palestinian division.

Accordingly, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which 
has maintained and adhered to the PLO, and has been a part of every 
political turning point in the organization, and cherishes its 
history and potential as a great national movement baptized by the 
blood of martyrs, refuses to accept that the PLO shall be a cover for 
policies that destroy and undermine our national cause. Further, we 
reuse to accept that the PLO's institutions shall be turned into 
institutions devoid of independence, militancy, democracy, 
transparency, or legality. Therefore:

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine will suspend its 
participation in the meetings of the Executive Committee of the 
Palestine Liberation Organization. We knock on the walls of the tank 
in front of the masses of our people and our nation, warning of the 
serious consequences and repercussions of the policy of concessions 
and the return to direct negotiations under the U.S.-Israeli 
conditions, including the absence of the United Nations and its 
references and the imposition of the American-sponsored negotiating 
table as a substitute. With U.S. support, the Zionist state attempts 
to impose the requirement to recognize "Israel" as the "State of the 
Jewish people" upon the negotiating agenda as a part of the 
negotiations. We take this step in light of the continued settlement 
building, blockade and siege; and in light of the persistent selfish 
and exclusionary practices and policies that disregard collective 
Palestinian action and decision-making, and in light of the 
overwhelming popular rejection of the illegitimate decision to return 
to negotiations taken with only one-third of the membership of the 
Executive Committee.

Second: The decision to return to the direct negotiations severely 
undermines the decisions of the Central Council. It is an abuse of 
the PLO and its representation of a national militant Palestinian 
identity and its place as a location for joint Palestinian work.

Rather than holding to a national resolution to direct to the world, 
particularly in order to strengthen the official Arab position in 
order to serve the national struggle and its objectives, the 
Executive Committee rendered a decision that was made before it was 
even submitted. This decision took place at a meeting of the 
Executive Committee - the PLO's leading body - with a formal lack of 
quorum, and with the rejection of major forces.

Third: The decision of the Popular Front to suspend its participation 
of the meetings of the Executive Committee does not mean that we are 
engaging in any parallel or alternative frameworks to the PLO as a 
national framework to encompass all of the Palestinian people in the 
homeland and in diaspora. The Front is not only against the use of 
the PLO and its institutions as empty shell structures to justify 
concessions; it also rejects any denial of the fact that the PLO is a 
great national achievement of our people and factions of the 
contemporary Palestinian revolution, and the product of many painful 
sacrifices. Just as it has in the past, the Popular Front will not 
cease in the present and the future to struggle to reform and rebuild 
the PLO on a national and democratic basis, including elections on 
the basis of proportional representation in Palestine and wherever 
possible in the diaspora. We reiterate the commitment of the March 
2005 Cairo Declaration and the June 2006 National Accord document 
(the Prisoners' Document) to end the disastrous state of division, 
restore national unity, and strengthen the steadfastness of our 
people to confront the occupation and its practices on the ground. 
These are the central tasks of all Palestinians in the current national phase.

Fourth: The Popular Front, while affirming that the PLO is the sole 
legitimate representative of our people wherever it is present, calls 
on the masses of our people, factions, political forces, community 
leaders and independent personalities to form and support the 
broadest popular movement to stop the negotiations and end the 
disastrous path of the Oslo accords. We call for the convening of a 
fully empowered international conference under the auspices of the 
United Nations and with international resolutions and legitimacy as 
its reference in order to implement Palestinian rights and compel the 
Zionist entity to implement UN resolutions, most notably UN 
Resolution 194, assuring the return of refugees to their homes from 
which they were displaced, as well as the dismantling of settlements 
and the removal of settlers. We call for hard work to restore 
national unity and develop a strategy for political action to uphold 
our national principles and bring an end to reliance on negotiations 
that have been demonstrated through painful experience to be futile 
at best and devastatingly dangerous at worst.

Unity, steadfastness and resistance until victory!
Glory to the martyrs, health to the wounded, freedom for the 
prisoners, and victory for our people!

The General Central Committee
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
September 2010

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