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Stand with Haiti’s Grassroots Movement

On November 18th, 1803 the Battle of Vertières 
delivered the final blow to the French attempt to 
stop the Haitian Revolution and re-institute 
slavery. Less than two months before Dessalines' 
proclamation of the independent Republic of Haiti 
on 1 January 1804, this battle marks the last and 
decisive battle in Haiti's war for independence against France.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 p.m. Rally, Montgomery & Market, San Francisco
5:30 p.m. March to Brazil Consulate, 300 Montgomery St.

Ten months after the earthquake, Haiti’s 1.5 
million refugees remain in squalid camps with 
inadequate food, water, shelter, and work. 
Ruthless measures to force the displaced off 
privately-owned land – withholding humanitarian 
aid, threats, and bulldozers – are backed by 
Haitian Police. The UN Mission, while claiming to 
have largely addressed “the immediate 
humanitarian needs of Haiti’s people,” has in fact failed miserably.

Bill Clinton heads an unelected Interim 
Commission charged with planning Haiti’s future. 
Haitian President Preval has mere “veto power” 
over its schemes to grab profits for foreign 
business and Haiti’s elite under the guise of 
recovery, touting garment sweatshops, renewed 
tourism, and export agriculture as the solution to Haiti’s problems.

Haiti’s Popular Organizations, among them 
thousands of organized grassroots women, reject 
this neo-liberal plan, resolved to reassert the 
democratic programs of President Aristide and 
Fanmi Lavalas – education, jobs, housing, health 
care, sustainable agriculture. This powerful 
movement, a target of two coups and violent 
repression over the past 25 years, represents 
Haiti’s most sustained resistance since 1804.

The November elections have again barred Fanmi 
Lavalas, the most popular party, from 
participation, making any real choice for 
Haitians impossible.  Sham elections offer 
foreign investors a phony mandate and veneer of stability to pursue profits.

We Demand: Solidarity, not charity * No sham 
elections * Return President Aristide * End the 
violence and human rights abuses * End the UN occupation of Haiti

Sponsored by Haiti Action Committee. For more 
information, visit our website at 
<http://www.haitisolidarity.net/>www.HaitiSolidarity.Net or call 510.483.7481.

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