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Israeli Deputy FM Ayalon lies through his teeth about the flotilla massacre

Rizzo • May 31st, 2010 at 20:21


It is impossible for one to maintain calm while 
reading lies. Today’s dosage of lies (called 
Hasbara, and from now on, when an Israeli is 
lying, I will start to use the very “to hasbara”, 
conjugated appropriately) was more poisonous than 
usual. It runs under the topic of “defending 
atrocities”, which is only slightly less frequent 
than the “defending racist policies” rubric. My 
comments to these obscene utterings from the 
Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministy in Rabid Red.

Seizure of the Gaza flotilla: Press conference with Deputy FM Ayalon

DEPUTY FM AYALON:  Good morning, everyone. I want 
to report this morning that the armada of hate 
and violence in support of the Hamas terror 
organization was a premeditated and outrageous provocation.

Thus begins the greatest lie/hasbara of the day. 
The invention of a catchy little phrase that only 
the most audacious would utilise word for word, 
but the hasbarists will have time to refine it. 
That they choose to put Hamas and “terror” right 
in the first line, though is the most important 
part. This is what may pass to the international 
news agencies, which is the whole point, and the 
statements made earlier in the day by outraged 
politicians the world over are being softened as 
the minutes pass. Of course the flotilla was 
premeditated, and of course it was a provocation! 
How else can one do things with Israel there? 
Spontaneous, improvised and expecting applause? 
The intent, however was not violent and there’s 
not a stitch of evidence for this, but the 
violence that follows such an act of a bloody 
massacre indeed is spontaneous and very real. 
People are enraged. It is right to be enraged by 
such an attack on humanitarians bringing aid!!! 
However, let’s assume that cement powder can be 
lethal if the bags are swung around, and that 
paper can cause lots of cuts on the fingers that 
make it hard to pull triggers of Uzis.

The organizers are well-known for their ties to 
Global Jihad, Al-Qaeda and Hamas. They have a 
history of arms smuggling and deadly terror. On 
board the ship we found weapons that were 
prepared in advance and used against our forces. 
The organizers' intent was violent, their method 
was violent, and unfortunately, the results were violent.

Oh! This one is good, unfounded, but good for the 
masses who will believe whatever Israel tells 
them. Pull out the big bad monster of Global 
Jihad (what is that? Does it matter?!)  the 
terrorist for all seasons Al-Qaeda and Hamas for 
good measure. As well, it’s pretty clear from the 
film that when you have commandoes storming down 
on top of you, you are going to expect to be 
attacked violently, and you grab whatever it is 
that is near to you, the videos seem to show just 
parts of the ship itself! No guns on board that 
were not carried by the Israelis. We see parts of 
the ship itself, swung around in attempts to 
stave off the attack. My only question here is, 
why does the speaker consider the results 
“unfortunate”? The special ops commandoes could 
have stayed off the boat and if they couldn’t 
resist that, at least not brought automatic 
rifles that are famous for being violent.

Israel regrets any loss of life and did everything to avoid this outcome.

This phrase is repeated on so many occasions, I 
think they must have a copyright on it and get royalties each time it’s said.

We repeatedly called upon the organizers and all 
those who were associated with them, through 
diplomatic channels and any other means we could, to stop this provocation.

Of course, they called on the organisers to do 
nothing for the people who are suffering in Gaza, 
but fortunately, there are humans who think for 
themselves and act upon their consciences. It all 
could have been avoided had Israel just delivered 
what is required of it by International law, that 
is, if they allow goods and money in for 
reconstruction and basic life needs and allow people in and out.

The so-called humanitarian aid was not for a humanitarian purpose.

No? Do they think that now Gazans will start a 
cottage industry of paper airplanes and cement rockets?

Had it been for a humanitarian purpose, they 
would have accepted our offer to deliver all 
humanitarian supply through the appropriate 
channels which are used on a daily basis, as we 
make sure that Gaza will not be in short of humanitarian supplies.

How do you spell “liar”? 
“h-a-s-b-a-r-i-s-t”.  Daily basis? Israel makes 
sure on a daily basis that Palestinians are 
hanging on a thread and surviving only by their own wits and tunnels.

On a daily basis, we do that.

Suuuuure, sure you do!

We ask them to send this through the appropriate 
channels, whether it's the U.N., whether it's the 
Red Cross, whether it's our people, but to no avail.

The channels have been asked and implored for 
years in the words, “open the damned crossings! 
Lift the damned siege! Free the Gazans from the 
prison you have closed them into!” To no avail indeed.

In fact, what they said was that it's a 
humanitarian campaign, but they said repeatedly 
that their intent and purpose was to break the 
blockade, the maritime blockade, on Gaza.

Exactly. It is humanitarian to bring in aid if 
aid is being denied through “appropriate channels”.

The maritime blockade on Gaza is very legal and 
justified by the terror that Hamas is applying in Gaza.

Very legal? As in what laws precisely? And I 
don’t mean Israeli laws, I mean international 
laws. There is nothing that justifies denial of 
construction material, food, medicines, school 
supplies, clothing, cigarettes, petrol, diapers, 
balsam, soap, wheelchairs
. Everything that makes life possible.

Allowing these ships to go in an illegal way to 
Gaza would have opened in fact a corridor of 
smuggling arms and terrorists to Gaza, with the 
results, inevitable results, of many, many 
thousands of civilian deaths and violence all over the area.

There’s the contradiction, if things aren’t 
allowed in (because legally – according to Ayalon 
– they can’t go in because the blockade is 
"legal") the only option is to circumvent the 
Israeli law. There is no law in Gaza prohibiting 
a ship’s entry, unless Israel will violate 
international maritime law or impose their own 
control over Gaza which “they left” to 
Palestinians, in their earlier propaganda. To 
bring in things, anything at all, they call 
“smuggling” because they will not legally allow 
it. Therefore, they see many thousands of 
(Israeli) deaths (the other deaths don’t count 
for them) because the paranoia is extreme and 
bringing life to Palestinians by means of goods 
for survival means Israeli death, logical n'est 
pas? They must confound people into thinking that 
all goods brought into Gaza (“Terrorland”) are 
naturally meant just to harm Israeli lives. Of 
course, we must understand the priorities! If 
Israel would leave Gaza to Palestinians, maybe 
there would be less violence to begin with? But 
that thought is just too rational to consider!

After these repeated calls where not heeded by 
the organizers, we told them that they will not 
be allowed to break the blockade, as according to 
maritime law we have the right to do that.

Not in international waters you don’t! And this 
is where you undertook your operation. But what 
counts is that already all the other hasbarists 
are repeating your lies word for word, even 
adding some exciting details to it such as 
“people on the boat chanting anti-Semitic songs” 
(from the AJC org. press release 

Unfortunately, they also, people, the organizers 
upon the ship, did not heed the calls of our 
forces this morning to peacefully follow them and 
bring a closure, a peaceful closure, to this event.

They do not have to give in to acts of piracy on 
the seas. This is what they bravely did. You will 
be judged for this, and perhaps they know it too.

No sovereign country would tolerate such violence 
against its civilian population, against its 
sovereignty, against international law.

This is the reason you hasbara yourself blue in 
the face to make certain Palestine is never 
sovereign. They might just repeat your words 
sooner than you like. And, to call on 
international law from the greatest violator of 
international law on the planet is the definition of chutzpah itself.

And we in Israel call today upon all relevant 
parties and all relevant countries to work 
together on calming the situation. Thank you very much.

You call for calm since you know that you have 
murdered activists and civilians in cold blood, 
and this will only bring about more and more 
unrest. You have brought down the rage of the 
world upon your shoulders. But, like all the 
other times, you will hasbara your way out of it 
and the world media and governments will help 
you. In a few days it will all be forgotten. 
Hell, there’s a World Cup to dispute! People are distracted!

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