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Gaza: Five Fighters Killed In Separate Attacks
02.06.10 - 03:52

Gaza – PNN - Three Palestinian fighters were 
killed by Israeli shelling targeting the northern 
part of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday afternoon, 
bringing the death toll to five killed on Tuesday.

Palestinian sources said that the Israeli attack 
targeted a group of Palestinian fighters killing 
three of them. Among those killed were, Hayiel Al 
Qaddi, a leader in the Salah Al Deen Brigades.

The Israeli attack on Gaza came shortly after 
home-made Palestinian shelled fire from the 
coastal region hit nearby Israeli towns, Israeli 
sources reported no damage or injuries.

Medical sources in Gaza said that the three 
fighters’ bodies were totally amputated due to 
the attack. This attack being the total of 
fighters killed today by Israel to five.

Earlier on Tuesday Two Palestinian fighters were 
killed on Tuesday morning as they clashes with 
Israeli troops at the borders near the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis.

Israeli army sources announced that the two 
fighters infiltrated the security zone at the 
borders, the sources added that the two fighters 
were killed after a short gun fight with Israeli soldiers.

Israeli residents close to the borders were 
ordered to stay at home as a result of the 
attack, Israeli media reported today.

The two fighters were identified as Abbed Al 
Asstal and Hamada Shahwan, both 19 years old, 
Palestinian sources in Gaza reported.

Also on Tuesday morning Israeli tanks stationed 
at the southern borders shelled residents’ homes 
in Khan Younis. Damage was reported to homes but 
no injuries. Tanks later invaded the Al Qarrara 
village at the borders and bulldozed lands near 
the borders, residents reported.

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