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Just to add that Walter is one of the few people to also consistently 
support and air stories about u.s. political prisoners.


  Yesterday at 9:54pm

Hotep Africans,

I am forwarding you this urgent message below from our Brother Walter 
Turner regarding a proposed program change from the KPFA's acting 
General Manager which would in short end brother Walter's ability to 
host the much needed "Africa Today" program. This could mean the end 
of this program as we know and depend on it as a media source for 
both local, national, and international news on the African Continent 
and the African Diaspora. We must support this Brother by writing the 
KPFA folks below and letting them know that we don't support their 
idea of the time change.

I ask you all both locally and out of the area to please take a small 
bit of your time and let these people know how we feel about losing 
that space and particularly our media scribe Brother Walter's ability 
to host this program. Brother Walter does not get paid for his effort 
of hosting this program so we are not talking about someone's job. 
This is this Brothers service to African People. Let's show a strong 
unity in this small but large segment of our struggle for uplifting our people.

In Struggle,
Naeem Deskins

Africa Today/ KPFA/ Your support is needed

From: Walter Turner Host/ Producer/Africa Today / KPFA

I am contacting you as a supporter and or long time listener of the
Program "Africa Today" on KPFA Radio in Berkeley, California.

AFRICA TODAY has been aired in various formats on KPFA Radio for more 
than 30 years. The initial host of Africa Today was Faraha Hayati and 
I have now hosted the program for more than 20 years.

I have been informed by Amelia Gonzalez, the Acting Assisitant 
General Manager of KPFA that there is a proposal to change the time 
slot of Africa Today from 7PM on Monday evenings to 11AM during a 
weekday. This time change will effectively end my ability to produce 
and host Africa Today.

I have attached a letter to the Acting Assistant General Mangager 
which explains my specific concerns regarding the proposed change and 
the impact that it will on my ability to host and produce the program.

Africa Today on KPFA is one of a very few national media programs 
that focuses on the Africa continent. Africa Today is a resource that 
our global community can not afford to lose. Please voice your 
support and work with others to voice collective support for the 
retention of Africa Today, in its current time slot, on KPFA Radio.

Please voice your individual and collective concerns to the following 
members of the KPFA administrative staff at your earliest convenience.

Thank you

Amelia Gonzalez [ amelia at kpfa.org)
Acting Asisting General Manager and Development Director

Ahmad Anderson ( ahmad at pacifica.org)
Interim General Manager

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