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When Will They Make an Inventory of the Terrorists who Reside in USA?


The United States, the country that trying to 
find, absurdly, terrorists from Al Qaeda on 
flights coming from Cuba, is the privileged 
sanctuary of an important colony of terrorists, 
torturers, henchmen and murderous leaders.

Besides having initiated, oriented, financed and 
managed the terrorism against Cuba through their 
intelligence organs or Miami groups whose 
existence they have promoted; the United States 
has encouraged, godfathered or inspired illegal 
activities throughout the continent, whose authors they have then harbored.

Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, confessed 
authors of 
destruction, in flight, of a Cuban airliner in 
1976, causing the death of its 73 passengers, up 
to the authors of acts of terrorism against the 
progressive governments of today's Latin America, 
Washington has never been offended by seeing the 
perpetrators of murderous conspiracies or 
individuals, created or recruited by its services 
to sow death, appearing in its territory.

Concerning Posada, the Internet is full of his 
confessions and his relations with crimes either 
as a terrorist instructor in the Everglades, the 
Basilio police commissary in Caracas, drug dealer 
giving weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras, author 
of multiple plans to kill leaders or promoter of 
acts of terrorism in Cuban territory.

Of his accomplice Orlando Bosch, a psychopathic 
pediatrician, the archives of 60 years of the 
Miami press reflect without any scruples his 
"feats" as head of the terrorist MIRR, of the 
"Anticommunist Cuban Army" or of "Acción Cubana."

He was head, always in the hands of the CIA, of 
the terrorist Coordination of United 
Revolutionary Organizations (CORU) whose 
operations figured among the bloodiest in the 
whole history of terrorism in the continent.

On July 28, 1960, Bosch arrived in Miami with a 
visa for 30 days. But 50 years later, after 
making fun of Venezuelan Justice and enjoying 
like Carriles and many others with the active 
protection of the CIA and of the Mafia 
politicians, he is recovering from intermittent 
senility in a bungalow in Hialeah.


The list of terrorists, residing today in the 
United States that conspired and acted against 
Cuba with techniques taught in the US academies 
of terror and that continue benefiting from the 
complicity or the condescension of the apparatus, is endless.

Right from the fall of the pro-US dictatorship of 
Fulgencio Batista, the most repugnant Cuban 
murderers, such as Esteban Ventura, Rolando 
Masferrer, Julio Laurent, and Pilar García, found 
immediate refuge in Florida, where they lived 
luxuriously with the money stolen from the State on their exit from the Island.

 From the years of the Miami CIA station, the 
multimillion dollar JM/WAVE, came the enormous 
contingent of gangsters that the agency recycled, 
after the Bay of Pigs, in key elements of its 
continental operations, as much in the Venezuelan 
DISIP, as in the ranks of the Chilean dictator 
Augusto Pinochet's secret police and in the 
apparatuses of repression of the different 
regimes, to whom it granted unmentionable support.

 From the Novo Sampoll brothers, Pedro Crispín 
Remón Rodríguez and Gaspar (Gasparito) Jiménez, 
to Reinol Rodríguez, Antonio (Tony) Calatayud, 
Nelsy Ignacio Castro Matos, Roberto Martin Pérez 
and Sixto Reinaldo Aquit Manrique, Héctor 
Francisco Alfonso Ruiz, alias Héctor Fabián, and 
Ángel Alfonso German, there are dozens and dozens 
of murderers that continue there with untouchable status.


The list of these terrorists, torturers, henchmen 
and murderous leaders hosted and aided by the 
United States is even longer. It extends from the 
torturers of the Argentinean military régime to 
the agents of Pinochet, such as Michael Townley, 
murderer with the Novo brothers of the Chilean 
Foreign Minister, Orlando Letelier.

Among the many other Salvadorean Fascists 
military, is Captain Álvaro Saravia, the murderer 
of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, who has also 
benefited from American hospitality.

Mercenaries of the Nicaraguan Contras and Tonton 
Macoute from Haiti also appear in this inventory 
that still has to be completed and investigated.

When considering revolutionary Venezuela, there 
appear in Miami torturers like Joaquín Chafardet; 
authentic Fascists like Salvador Romaní and 
Ricardo Koesling; former agents of the DISIP 
Johan Peña, Pedro Lander, José Antonio Guevara 
who participated in the plot to murder the former 
District Attorney Anderson, together with 
Patricia Poleo, also have refuge in Florida.

Carlos Andrés Pérez, CAP as his cronies call him, 
in charge of the repression against the popular 
Venezuelan rising in 1989, known as The Caracazo, 
are today in exile in the United States.

Torturer and murderer from the secret police 
under CAP, Henry López Sisco is tied to a long 
succession of murders, disappearances and abuses 
unleashed in the 1970s to eliminate rebellious youth groups.

Alfredo Peña, the former mayor of the 
Metropolitan District of Caracas who was 
responsible for the deaths that happened in that 
city in April 2002 is also hiding in the USA.

Also in Miami are the coup leaders Carlos 
Fernández, former head of Fedecámaras, and Daniel 
Romero, who read in public the ordinance that 
suspended the National Assembly and the democratic institutions.


The former Bolivian leader Gonzalo Sánchez de 
Lozada (Goni) was responsible for a genocidal 
repression against the people in 2003 that cost 
the life of 67 civilians and more than 300 wounded with bullets.

 From the US, Goni is now devoted to financing 
movements against the government of President Evo Morales.

Hugo Achá Melgar, identified as the 
representative in Bolivia of the Human Rights 
Foundation (FHR), was backer of the disjointed 
terrorist gang on April 16, 2009 in Santa Cruz, 
while he concocted the murder of Evo, has also 
chosen the road to the United States like several 
other people of the same affiliation.

Without any argument Washington is defaming Cuba, 
while it remains arms crossed concerning the 
terrorists and confessed promoters of terror within its own frontiers.

Taken from <http://www.granma.cubaweb.cu/english/index.html>Granma Daily

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