[News] PFLP: return to negotiations plays into the hands of the Zionists

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PFLP: Arab and international pressure to return to negotiations plays 
into the hands of the Zionist enemy

Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Central Committee of the Popular 
Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called for a total rejection 
of Arab and international pressure to return to negotiations, saying 
that such negotiations only play into the hands of the Zionist enemy.

Comrade Mizher, speaking with Aljazeera.net on January 4, 2009, said 
that a return to the futile and harmful negotiations that even the 
Palestinian Authority leadership itself have recognized are 
unsuccessful would only serve Israeli interests. He said further that 
relying on the U.S. administration, which is fully aligned with the 
occupation, is betting on mirage and illusion. Comrade Mizher called 
upon Arab countries to support restoration of Palestinian national 
unity and put pressure on the occupation, not pressure Palestinians 
to serve the interests of Israel.

The PFLP further condemned these attempts to push Palestinians into 
negotiations with the occupier, responding to the occupation 
authorities' decision to build a new colony in the Mount of Olives 
overlooking Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock and the Old City. 
The PFLP statement said that this action represents the strategic 
plan of the occupier to intensify settlements and Judaize Jerusalem 
and impose transfer upon Palestinians by forcing Palestinians into 
isolated, impoverished areas in an attempt to impose the so-called 
unified capital of the state of occupation and racism upon Jerusalem.

The statement said that merely ending negotiations is not sufficient 
to confront the occupation power, emphasizing the utter disregard for 
international law on the part of the occupier and saying that Arab 
regimes and the international community are silent and complicit in 
the face of the occupation crimes while pushing negotiations, while 
the United States and the Quartet directly push the occupation agenda.

The Front emphasized that a complete rejection of the "peace process" 
and a comprehensive review of the entire Oslo process, including an 
end to the so-called "transitional phase" and security cooperation is 
necessary. Furthermore, the PFLP emphasized the need to develop a 
united national strategy and unify the Palestinian house on the basis 
of democracy, comprehensive national dialogue, and rebuilding the PLO 
on the basis of national principles, protecting the inalienable 
rights of our people to freedom, self-determination and return.

The PFLP denounced the pressures designed to push Palestinians into 
the endless maze of negotiations, saying that any such process is a 
pursuit of a deceptive, misleading American and Israeli mirage. It 
demanded instead that the parties engaged in this pressure instead 
put pressure on the occupier to lift the siege on Gaza, rescue people 
trapped by disease, poverty and hunger, who lack the most basic 
elements of life, and to free thousands of Palestinian prisoners, and 
to bring occupation war criminals to trial before criminal 

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