[News] CIA Agents Killed in Afghanistan Worked for “Contractor” Active in Venezuela, Cuba

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CIA Agents Assassinated in Afghanistan Worked for 
“Contractor” Active in Venezuela, Cuba

January 3rd 2010, by Eva Golinger

At least eight U.S. citizens were killed on a CIA 
operations base in Afghanistan this past 
Wednesday, December 30. A suicide bomber 
infiltrated Forward Operating Base Chapman 
located in the eastern province of Khost, which 
was a CIA center of operations and surveillance. 
Official sources in Washington have confirmed 
that the eight dead were all civilian employees and CIA contractors.

Fifteen days ago, five U.S. citizens working for 
a U.S. government contractor, Development 
Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), were also killed in an 
explosion at the U.S. Agency for International 
Development (USAID) office in Gardez. That same 
day, another bomb exploded outside the DAI 
offices in Kabul, although no serious injuries resulted.

The December 15 incident received little 
attention, although it occurred just days after 
the detention of a DAI employee in Cuba, accused 
of subversion and distribution of illegal 
materials to counterrevolutionary groups. 
President and CEO of DAI, Jim Boomgard, issued a 
declaration on December 14 regarding the 
detention of a subcontractor from his company in 
Cuba, confirming that, “the detained individual 
was an employee of a program subcontractor, which 
was implementing a competitively issued 
subcontract to assist Cuban civil society 
organizations.” The statement also emphasized the 
“new program” DAI is managing for the U.S. 
government in Cuba, the “Cuba Democracy and 
Contingency Planning Program”. DAI was awarded a 
$40 million USD contract in 2008 to help the U.S. 
government “support the peaceful activities of a 
broad range of nonviolent organizations through 
competitively awarded grants and subcontracts” in Cuba.

On December 15, DAI published a press release 
mourning “project personnel killed in 
Afghanistan”. “DAI is deeply saddened to report 
the deaths of five staff associated with our 
projects in Afghanistan
On December 15, five 
employees of DAI’s security subcontractor were 
killed by an explosion in the Gardez office of 
the Local Governance and Community Development 
(LGCD) Program, a USAID project implemented by DAI.”

DAI also runs a program in Khost where the 
December 30 suicide bombing occurred, although it 
has yet to be confirmed if the eight U.S. 
citizens killed were working for the major U.S. 
government contractor. From the operations base 
in Khost, the CIA remotely controls its selective 
assassination program against alleged Al Qaeda 
members in Pakistan and Afghanistan using drone 
(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Predator planes.
A high-level USAID official confirmed two weeks 
ago that the CIA uses USAID’s name to issue 
contracts and funding to third parties in order 
to provide cover for clandestine operations. The 
official, a veteran of the U.S. government 
agency, stated that the CIA issues such contracts 
without USAID’s full knowledge.

Since June 2002, USAID has maintained an Office 
for Transition Initiatives (OTI) in Venezuela, 
through which it has channeled more than $50 
million USD to groups and individuals opposed to 
President Hugo Chávez. The same contractor active 
in Afghanistan and connected with the CIA, 
Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI), was awarded 
a multi-million dollar budget from USAID in 
Venezuela to “assist civil society and the 
transition to democracy”. More than two thousand 
documents partially declassified from USAID 
regarding the agency’s activities in Venezuela 
reveal the relationship between DAI and sectors 
of the Venezuelan opposition that have actively 
been involved in coup d’etats, violent 
demonstrations and other destabilization attempts against President Chávez.

In Bolivia, USAID was expelled this year from two 
municipalities, Chapare and El Alto, after being 
accused of interventionism. In September 2009, 
President Evo Morales announced the termination 
of an official agreement with USAID allowing its 
operations in Bolivia, based on substantial 
evidence documenting the agency’s funding of 
violent separtist groups seeking to destabilize the country.

In 2005, USAID was also expelled from Eritrea and 
accused of being a “neo-colonialist” agency. 
Ethiopia, Russia and Belarus have ordered the 
expulsion of USAID and its contractors during the last five years.

Development Alternatives, Inc. is one of the 
largest U.S. government contractors in the world. 
The company, with headquarters in Bethesda, MD, 
presently has a $50 million contract with USAID 
for operations in Afghanistan. In Latin America, 
DAI has operations and field offices in Bolivia, 
Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, 
Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, 
Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

This year, USAID/DAI’s budget in Venezuela nears 
$15 million USD and its programs are oriented 
towards strengthening opposition parties, 
candidates and campaigns for the 2010 legislative 
elections. Just two weeks ago, President Chávez 
also denounced the illegal presence of U.S. drone 
planes in Venezuelan airspace.
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