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The Coup in Honduras: Role of SOA Graduates in Latin America
Saturday, September 26, 2009  6:30-9:00PM
Uptown Body & Fender, 401 26th Street, Oakland - $10 no one turned away
Between Telegraph and Broadway. Six blocks north of 19th Street BART 
Wheelchair accessible

Lisa Sullivan is the SOA Watch Latin Amerca Coordinator. Together 
with Fr. Roy Bourgeois and others, Lisa has visited 17 Latin American 
countries over the past 3 years to discuss the School of the Americas.

She met with Honduran President Zelaya shortly before the coup, and 
returned days after to stand in solidarity with the people. She is in 
a unique position to interpret and explain what happened, especially 
the dangerous implications the coup has for all of Latin America.

The June 28th Honduran coup d'etat that forced the elected president 
into exile was followed by brutal repressive measures against 
supporters of the constitutional government.  The illegal coup regime 
has carried out politically-motivated killings, hundreds of arbitrary 
detentions, the violent repression of unarmed demonstrators and mass 
arrests of activists.

These attacks against popular resistance to an illegal coup mirror 
events following the US-led 2004 coup in Haiti that forced President 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide into exile.Haitians use the term "the 
laboratory," to describe how US schemes for Haiti fit into its 
geopolitical designs on the Americas. As Haiti provides a testing 
ground for the Honduran coup, so does Honduras set a precedent for 
other coups in a region where 12 progressive presidents have been 
elected over the past ten years.

Join School of the Americas Watch West and Haiti Action Committee at 
this important event to learn more!

For more information 510-917-3235

Sponsors: School of the Americas Watch West, Task Force on the 
Americas. ILWU Northern California District Council, St. John's 
Presbyterian Church/Berkeley, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church/El 
Cerrito, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists/Social 
Justice Committee, FMLN, AFSC Mountain-Pacific Region, Global 
Exchange, Berkeley Organizing Churches for Action, El Cerrito 
Democratic Club, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Bay Area Latin America 
Solidarity Coalition, St. Joseph the Worker/Berkeley, Oakland 
Catholic Worker, All Saints Catholic Peace and Justice/Hayward, 
Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers, Chiapas Support Committee, Epworth 
United Methodist Church/Berkeley, Haiti Action Committee

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