[News] Honduras Coup Regime Declares New State of Emergency Prior to Sunday “Election”

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Honduras Coup Regime Declares New State of Emergency Prior to Sunday “Election”

Posted by 
Giordano - November 24, 2009 at 5:57 pm

By Al Giordano

The Gaceta Oficial, (“Official Gazette”) of the 
Honduras coup regime is now freshly printed and 
has three new decrees and two orders restricting 
freedom of the press, the right to bear arms and 
officially strips Catholic Father Andres Tamayo 
of his Honduran citizenship, ordering him 
expelled from the country (the good Padre left for El Salvador last week).

Here are a few of the regime’s greatest hits from 
this week’s barrage of repressive decrees which 
are expressly part of what the coup leaders call 
an "election" coming up on Sunday:

Decree PCM-M-029-2009

“Due to growing internal threats,” the Armed 
Forces will be deployed, in support of the 
National Police, to guard polling places, the 
custody and transport of ballots (before and 
after they are utilized by voters), and 5,000 
members of the military reserve were deputized beginning on November 13.

Decree PCM-M-030-2009

This decree declares a “State of Emergency” 
nationwide, and places the regime’s “Secretary of 
State” inside the military command to oversee all 
activities related to the November 29 
“elections.” This decree pretty much erases the 
previous order that the quasi-independent Supreme 
Electoral Tribunal would exclusively be in 
command of the Armed Forces in the month prior to 
the “election.” In other words, not even the 
window dressing added to give the vote a gloss of 
pseudo-independence could be tolerated by regime 
leader Roberto Micheletti, who has now placed a 
member of his Simian Council at that helm.

Decree PCM-M-031-2009

The November 29 “elections are under threat by 
groups that try to block their development with 
threats of all kinds, creating fear and disorder 
in the general population.” Therefore, says the 
decree, a nationwide ban on bearing all types of 
firearms went into effect on Monday, November 23, 
“until ordered otherwise.” (Memo to self: Make 
sure to write the National Rifle Association 
about Senator Jim DeMint's efforts in Honduras.)

Order number 2169-2009 of the Secretary of Government and Justice

“The conduct of Mr. José Andrés Tamayo Cortez is 
incongruent with constitutional precepts and 
secondary laws of the Honduran State
justify his characterization as UNWORTHY to have 
Honduran nationality and is ordered to be expelled to his country of origin.”

Executive Order 124-2009 authorizes the coup 
regime's media regulating organization CONATEL to close any media at will.

Dear Mr. Micheletti, members of his Simian 
Council, and all who back his anti-democracy 
coup: Have fun with your mock “elections” on 
Sunday. The only thing more interesting than the 
week to come – and there still may be some big 
surprises about to unfold from the ground level – 
is going to be the week afterward, as you enter 
your next squalid series of tantrums upon the 
realization that not even your own populace 
believes that your “election” was legitimate or 
worthy of respect. Your game of electoral make-believe will resolve nothing.

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