[News] Puerto Rican civil disobedients' letter to President Obama

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Sat May 16 11:31:10 EDT 2009


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mr. Barack H. Obama
United States of America
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Honorable President Obama:

The act of civil disobedience carried out by a group of Puerto Rican 
nationals in the House of Representatives on May 6, 2009 responds to 
our people's deep dissatisfaction with the political relationship 
between our two nations.

Puerto Rico has been a colony for 111 years: a humiliating colonial 
condition in the 21st Century. It is high time that this crime 
against our people is resolved, resolved and resolved. 
Political-economic promises that govern us reside at the hands of 
foreign nation, the U.S.  You have declared that it is time to leave 
the past behind, that your administration will unite the Latin 
American people and the people of the U.S. It is time to act now. It 
is not up to the will of the colonized people of Puerto Rico to 
decide; it is up to your administration to stand up for the Rights 
and moral values your administration advocates. Every country has the 
right to attain its independence and be a free country.

Puerto Rico is a Latin American and a Caribbean nation. The Signers 
below have taken your Word very seriously. If this is so, begin to 
decolonize Puerto Rico now-without the subterfuges and tricky 
language that have been reiterated for the past 111 years.

Begin by breaking the chains of bondage to initiate a new era and a 
new treaty for the pursuit of happiness of our respective nations. 
Consider as well that colonization has caused over half of our people 
to emigrate out of Puerto Rico into the U.S.

Let's establish a powerful friendship link; thus, removing the 
humiliating marks that undermine our human dignity. Let's deal as 
equal Partners. Stop subordinating our leaders and people.
A warm Puerto Rican embrace.


1. Maria L (Chabela) Rodriguez
2. Eugenia V. Perez-Montijo
3. Luis Enrique Romero
4. Jose (Tony Mapeye) Rivera
5. Carlos Esteban Fonseca
6. Ramon Diaz
7. Luis Suarez
8. Manuel Rivera, Esq. Advising Attorney

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