[News] Military repression heightens tension in the Honduras crisis

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  Havana.  July 28, 2009

Military repression heightens tension in the Honduras crisis

Raimundo López

TEGUCIGALPA, July 27.­Repression on the part of 
the armed forces against opponents of the 
military coup of June 28 is constantly 
accentuating the crisis to increasingly explosive levels in Honduras.

In a climate of growing political tension, the 
popular forces agreed on Sunday to increase their 
actions in defense of reestablishing a state of 
law and the restitution of Manuel Zelaya the constitutional president.

Half an hour after concluding the meeting, a bomb 
exploded in the Beverage and Allied Workers Union 
(STIBYS), where hundreds of impassioned people had participated in an event.

The National Front against the coup d’état also 
confirmed that thousands of people are trapped by 
military squads that are preventing the arrival 
of aid, in what amounts to a state of emergency.

Troops and police have even halted the movement 
of aid caravans, national Red Cross teams, and a 
group of 15 professionals from the National 
Medical School who are trying to get help to these people

Israel Salinas, general secretary of the United 
Workers Federation, also raised the alert as to 
the grave situation in the eastern department of 
El Paraíso, subjected – he stated – to a permanent state of siege.

He added that the Front’s leadership has also 
ratified demands for the unconditional 
restitution of President Manuel Zelaya and the 
convening of a national constituent assembly to re-found the nation.

Salinas informed that the Front is to continue 
blocking highways, taking over public 
institutions, and organizing demonstrations 
throughout the country. These measures are in 
addition for another national strike this coming 
Thursday and Friday, organized by the country’s three main workers unions.

"Our decision is categorical: we are not going to 
retreat an inch, nor even one millimeter," Salinas stressed. (PL)

Translated by Granma International

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