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Badil Statement on the Occasion of the Fifth Anniversary of the ICJ
Ruling on Israel's Wall

On the Occasion of the Fifth Anniversary of the ICJ Ruling on Israel's Wall
Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Must Continue Until the Wall is
Dismantled and Reparations Provided to its Victims

9 July 2009, Badil Resource Center, Occupied Bethlehem - Today marks the
fifth anniversary of the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) advisory
opinion on the legality of the 724 km wall that Israel continues to
construct across the West Bank. The ICJ's ruling was clear and
unambiguous: the wall's construction is illegal; Israel must terminate
construction immediately, dismantle the sections already built and
return confiscated properties; and Palestinians affected by the
construction must be compensated. The court further stated that all
states are under an obligation not to recognise the illegal situation
resulting from its construction or to render aid or assistance
maintaining the situation created by such construction.

The ICJ ruling should have been a victory for the forces demanding
respect for and implementation of international law. Instead it has
become a symbol of Israel's disrespect for international law and of the
international community's failure to hold Israel accountable to its
crimes; despite the devastating consequences such impunity has upon the
lives of Palestinians who continue to be displaced from their homeland.

The wall has definitively created six ghettos throughout the Occupied
Palestinian Territories containing 98 enclaves with 312,810 Palestinians
surrounded by barbed wire, walls and control towers. At least 14,364
persons have been displaced in the 145 localities through which the wall
passes with some 90,000 Palestinians directly threatened by displacement
as the Wall's construction is completed.

Without recourse to an adequate non-partisan mechanism to implement the
ICJ ruling, Palestinians are left with few options to defend their
rights and to resist displacement. While weekly grassroots protests
continue in villages like Bil'in, Ni'lin, and Ma'sara whose lands
continue to be robbed, they have so far lacked the sufficient leverage
to resist Israel's sheer military might and the accompanying impunity
provided Israel by the international community.

In this context, there is no substitute to advancing the broad,
international civil society struggle to boycott, divest and sanction
Israel as called for by Palestinian civil society since 2005. Such a
campaign has the moral authority and power to counter balance the forces
supporting Israeli apartheid. Those who pay taxes to governments that
support Israel; those who handle Israeli products whether as vendors or
consumers; and those who engage in international academic, cultural and
sports fora that normalize Israel's regime of occupation, colonialism
and apartheid - all have within their hands the power to stop the
machine that makes Israeli apartheid politically viable and materially

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