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February 2, 2009

US Spying: Main Core, PROMIS, and the Shadow Government (Pt. 3)

By Ed Encho


With the long overdue departure of the Bush 
administration from the White House it is the 
hope many that the myriad of transgressions 
against the Constitution and the people of 
America will begin to seep out into the public 
domain. It took a remarkably short time. The day 
after the helicopter hauled ole George away like 
so much rubbish a major story broke. In an 
astonishing shot across the bow directed at the 
shadow government the first significant 
whistleblower has already come out with a story 
(once again ignored by the corporate media) and 
delivered a devastating blow to the premise that 
the massive illegal domestic spying programs of 
the Bush administration were undertaken in order 
to protect America from terrorism in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001.

Former NSA analyst Russell Tice during two recent 
interviews on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith 
that the Bush-Cheney-Rove phony war on terror was 
as people like myself have always strongly 
suspected in actuality a war on America itself. 
According to the patriotic Mr. Tice the targets 
of the domestic spying included news 
organizations and journalists and that the 
surveillance for specific targets was not limited 
to professional matters alone, they were spied on 24/7.

"The National Security Agency had access to all 
Americans' communications," he said. "Faxes, 
phone calls and their computer communications. 
... They monitored all communications."

Tice said the NSA analyzed metadata to determine 
which communication would be collected. Offering 
a hypothetical example, he said if the agency 
determined that terrorists communicate in brief, 
two-minute phone calls, the NSA might program its 
systems to record all such calls, invading the 
privacy of anyone prone to telephonic succinctness.

Tice was involved in only a small part of the 
project, that involved trying to "harpoon fish from an airplane."

He said he was told to monitor certain groups in 
order to eliminate them as suspects for more 
intense targeting. Those groups, he said, were 
U.S. journalists and news agencies. But rather 
than excluding the news organizations from 
monitoring, he discovered that the NSA was 
collecting the organizations' communications 24 hours a day year round.

"It made no sense," he said.

Tice did not identify the reporters or organizations allegedly targeted.

Olbermann asked if this means there's a file 
somewhere containing every e-mail and phone 
conversation these reporters ever had with sources, editors and family members.

"If it was involved in this specific avenue of 
collection, it would be everything, yes." Tice answered.

(Excerpted from Wired's 
Zetter's blog)

The Tice interviews followed another former 
insider speaking out on the gross illegality of 
the Bush administration programs, a former DOJ 
employee named Thomas Tamm was featured in a 
Newsweek magazine cover story by Michael Isikoff 
entitled <http://www.newsweek.com/id/174601/>The 
Fed Who Blew the Whistle from which I excerpt the following:

In the spring of 2004, Tamm had just finished a 
yearlong stint at a Justice Department unit 
handling wiretaps of suspected terrorists and 
spies­a unit so sensitive that employees are 
required to put their hands through a biometric 
scanner to check their fingerprints upon 
entering. While there, Tamm stumbled upon the 
existence of a highly classified National 
Security Agency program that seemed to be 
eavesdropping on U.S. citizens. The unit had 
special rules that appeared to be hiding the NSA 
activities from a panel of federal judges who are 
required to approve such surveillance. When Tamm 
started asking questions, his supervisors told 
him to drop the subject. He says one volunteered 
that "the program" (as it was commonly called 
within the office) was "probably illegal."

The name of the program was Stellar Wind and 
please pay particular attention to this next 
excerpted piece from Isikoff's story:

The NSA, with the secret cooperation of U.S. 
telecommunications companies, had begun 
collecting vast amounts of information about the 
phone and e-mail records of American citizens. 
Separately, the NSA was also able to access, for 
the first time, massive volumes of personal 
financial records­such as credit-card 
transactions, wire transfers and bank 
withdrawals­that were being reported to the 
Treasury Department by financial institutions. 
These included millions of "suspicious-activity 
reports," or SARS, according to two former 
Treasury officials who declined to be identified 
talking about sensitive programs. (It was one 
such report that tipped FBI agents to former New 
York governor Eliot Spitzer's use of 
prostitutes.) These records were fed into NSA 
supercomputers for the purpose of "data 
mining"­looking for links or patterns that might 
(or might not) suggest terrorist activity.

This latest glimpse beneath the facade at the 
massive, secretive and highly illegal 
surveillance campaign against the American people 
is an outrage. Given the proclivity of those who 
run the system in this country to exert raw power 
to advance their own agendas it is no leap in 
logic that journalists alone were the only group 
targeted. There remains the question of whether 
blackmail, especially sexual blackmail is 
routinely used as a tool to keep government and 
media officials from not straying too far from 
the dirty business of imperialism and financial 
chicanery of the sort that has brought the economy to its knees.

I personally found the media spectacle of the 
fortuitously timed prostitution bust of former 
New York Governor Elliot Spitzer who incidentally 
had just announced his intention to declare war 
on the banksters and their accomplices in the 
Bush White House in a February 14, 2008 
Washington Post piece entitled 
Lenders Partner in Crime to be extremely 
suspicious. The rogue Bush regime and the NSA 
have been using their big lie of the war on 
terror as an excuse to scrutinize credit card use 
and Spitzer would have been an obvious target as 
is indicated by the above excerpt from the 
Newsweek story. It also makes skeptics such as 
myself wonder whether the witch hunt to impeach 
former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich may at 
least in part be attributed to his threat to 
suspend state business with Bank of America, 
'Blago' was arrested the day afterwards.

In light of the Tice revelations as well as an 
already long and extremely sordid history of U.S. 
government surveillance into the activities of 
dissidents and reporters that predated the Bush 
regime, we also need to ask some very serious 
questions of a much more troubling and nefarious 
nature. For example, how does such spying tie 
into not only the manipulation of the news but 
the now standard lack of spine from the 
Democratic congress when it comes to prosecuting 
the Bush administration criminals? Notorious 
fixer Karl Rove has already announced his intent 
to defy yet another subpoena for his testimony 
that was to have been delivered on Monday in 
front of the House Judiciary Committee. As of 
this writing, 
Conyers has once again caved and the date has now 
been pushed into February and likely will soon 
disappear down the same memory hole where similar 
attempts to enforce the law have been flushed.

Intense political pressure, threats of 
unemployment in a time of economic crisis and 
potentially embarrassing sexual acts subject to 
blackmail are all entirely made possible by the 
rampant unaccountability of the domestic spying 
programs, but are there measures that go far 
beyond just the spiking of stories, the 
discrediting or the ruining of careers alone? 
Think back to the 
institutionalized slander directed former San 
Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb for example 
for his 
Alliance series. The savagery with which Webb was 
taken down by the establishment was stunning and 
it ultimately resulted in his suicide, a broken 
and haunted man who only dared to try to tell the truth.

There is a long trail of untimely demises of 
investigative journalists and other insiders 
whose knowledge represents a threat to very 
existence of the shadow government and those who 
it as a matter of routine does business with in 
order to avoid legitimate channels. Perhaps the 
most terrifying of all question is exactly what 
actions do end up being taken in order to prevent 
the exposure of widespread criminal activity, 
systemic grand scale fraud and 
extra-constitutional black operations that have been conducted for decades.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen wrote of an 
NSA database that was at one time named 
that was maintained to engage in surveillance 
against journalists and that was renamed after 
its discovery. Some of the names in this database 
allegedly included Christiane Amanpour, Seymour 
Hersh, James Bamford, James Risen and Madsen 
himself. According to chatter in the blogosphere 
that were it not consistent with the historical 
trail of dead bodies could easily be dismissed as 
paranoia and disinformation. One story floating 
around the internet mentioned an unnamed NSA 
security officer allegedly mused about ‘just 
killing’ troublesome bloggers. This may be a 
product of paranoia (one would think paranoia 
would be a natural state in a land of fear and 
loathing such as that which the United States has 
become post 9/11) but there is great progress 
currently being made by internet researchers and 
such reputed threats should not simply be waved 
off as the rantings of tin foil hatters or the 
favorite of all pejoratives directed at those who 
dare to ask inconvenient questions, conspiracy 
theorists. The fact that the alternative media 
and many bloggers are slowly starting to put the 
pieces together one can only reasonably suspect 
that such behavior scares the living hell out of 
the establishment, and after all, there is a 
history of that sort of thing. While this is not 
a comprehensive list the Committee to Protect 
Journalists <http://cpj.org/deadly/>keeps a 
database to track the prematurely deceased in a most dangerous profession.

The bizarre absence of any reporting of this very 
serious violation of civil liberties has received 
absolutely no coverage in the corporatized, 
mainstream pocket media. This is unconscionable 
that there is apparently no interest in exposing 
these crimes, especially considering that those 
targeted could actually save their own hides (and 
perhaps instill some dignity) by outing this 
program. It's a sad testament to the state of 
today's 'journalism' that is shameful by 
comparison to that of days of yore when reporters 
were intrepid souls determined to speak the truth to power.

Writer Eric Alterman puts it spot on in his 
recent Center for American Progress piece 
Again: Spying on Journalists? Why the Silence? 
when he notes the lack of intestinal fortitude in the mainstream media:

Clearly something deeply disturbing lurks beneath 
these revelations, and with Bush gone from 
office, it’s hard to understand just what is 
preventing journalists from seeking the truth 
about this program more energetically. The only 
thing they have to fear is fear itself.

This sad state of affairs brings to mind the following:

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

- Pastor Martin Niemöller

And the silence by those tasked by the First 
Amendment’s now quaint and antiquated imbuing 
upon them a responsibility for a free press as an 
essential check on authoritarianism is deafening 
in its absence. Quislings, cowards and public 
relations flacks seem to be the one thing that 
our journalism schools never failed to produce 
over the past several decades, feckless and 
spineless careerists with neither a sense of 
honor nor of their place as defenders of precious 
liberty. There shall be no refuge for the weasels 
nor the rats in the end therefore their mass 
abrogation of their chosen profession along with 
their acute absence of courage is even more 
damnable for when the time comes they will 
perhaps live to lament that they did not speak out when they had the chance.


“Death Solves All Problems, No Man, No Problem”

-Joseph Stalin

The National Security State has a history of 
silencing those who would speak out and 
especially reporters deemed to have become a 
nuisance. This is done either through intense 
pressure brought down on media corporations 
through organized harassment of sponsors, brutal 
coordinated smear campaigns much like the one 
that took down the aforementioned Gary Webb or 
when all else fails, the reporters often just 
happen to turn up mysteriously dead. The list of 
‘suicides’ and accidents is a long one and in the 
view of the ruthless psychopaths who both run and 
profit from a high-tech snooping network seems to 
be that any means are to be undertaken to keep 
their games going even if it ultimately results 
in termination with extreme prejudice. I believe 
that I will have to put together a list myself 
but when I just started writing down names off 
the top of my head of strange deaths I came up 
with over thirty right off the bat.

The ugly truth is that none of these police state 
powers are being used to protect the United 
States from foreign enemies, terrorism or any 
other excuse that is being made in order to get 
Americans to submit their rights. It is all in 
the name of power, money and to protect the 
interests of the oligarchy and the power elite 
who run the establishment and it needs to be 
stopped because it is out of control.

Take the strange case of Danny Casolaro for example...

Perhaps the closest to get at the truth about 
PROMIS and how it was an integral piece of the 
shadow government was investigative journalist 
Casolaro. Casolaro had been working on research 
for a book on a shadowy transnational power group 
that seemed to run through the postwar era and 
had connections to many of the major scandals 
including Iran-Contra, BCCI, the Nugan Hand Bank, 
international drug cartels, weapons dealers and 
intelligence operatives in not only the U.S. 
government but internationally as well. Casolaro 
dubbed this group, one that largely rose out of a 
‘dirty old boy network’ of the OSS/CIA out of the 
ashes of World War II as The Octopus. Casolaro 
began to become aware of the more sinister 
aspects of what Professor Peter Dale Scott refers 
to as the deep state but is more commonly known 
as either the shadow government, the parallel 
government and even arguably the permanent 
government while investigating the theft of the 
PROMIS software from the Inslaw corporation.

On Saturday, August 10, 1991 a maid at a 
Martinsburg, West Virginia Sheraton Inn was 
horrified to find the nude body of Joseph Daniel 
Casolaro in the bathtub, the victim of an 
apparent ‘suicide’. It was by accounts a 
particularly grisly scene and a strangely violent 
‘suicide’ with both of his wrists slashed deeply 
multiple times with a razor blade. There was a 
very short and impersonal note, blood splattered 
on the tile walls and a pair of bloody towels 
that were shoved under the sink away from the bathtub.

Strange circumstances followed in the aftermath 
of the discovery of Danny Casolaro’s corpse in a 
blood filled bathtub. His body was hastily taken 
away and embalmed (making any subsequent autopsy 
much more difficult) before family members were 
officially notified (a violation of state law by 
accounts) and room 517 had been professionally 
cleaned thereby removing critical evidence prior 
to any sort of thorough forensic investigation 
could be performed. Compounding doubts about the 
official ‘suicide’ story are contradictory 
statements made by friends and family that 
Casolaro was NOT suicidal at all but was actually 
quite exited over the prospect of publishing his 
book on the findings of his investigative work, 
even to the extent that he had scheduled a party 
to celebrate. He was in the final stages of 
nailing down the story of the century and had 
gone to West Virginia in search of the evidence 
that would prove his theory, make the connection 
to PROMIS and ‘bring back the head of the 
octopus’. The sudden ending (yet another hotel 
room 'suicide') was especially suspicious because 
when the body was discovered, his files were missing.

In addition to the shadowy players in the global 
arms and narcotics trades the Octopus also 
appeared to have had as tentacles rogue elements 
of U.S. intelligence Casolaro found connections 
to not only Iran-Contra but also BCCI, the Nugan 
Hand bank, the October Surprise, money launderers 
and organized crime as well as a continuous 
thread of involvement in dirty dealings both 
domestically and abroad. The roots of this milieu 
of malevolence stretched back to the post World 
War II era when a collection of spooks, corrupt 
bureaucrats and extremist right wing ideologues 
began to operate as a faction within the 
intelligence apparatus, a state upon themselves 
to profit financially while engaging in the darks 
forms of clandestine activities and black operations.

Author Joel Bainerman in his 1992 book entitled 
The Crimes of a President wrote the following 
(some of this ostensibly quoting William Hamilton 
of Inslaw as well as a 1991 story from the St. 
Louis Dispatch) that has a very good description on Casolaro's theory:

“Casolaro had discovered a common denominator to 
the theft of Inslaw’s software and other recent 
scandals” says Hamilton who worked very closely 
with Casolaro right up to his death in helping 
him to uncover the dirty dealing behind the theft 
of Inslaw’s software. A group of individuals 
trained in covert intelligence operations and 
aligned with the U.S. political leadership who 
were allegedly profiting from each of these scandals.

These veterans of U.S. covert intelligence 
operations had also allegedly been selling 
pirated copies of Inslaw’s software to foreign 
intelligence and law enforcement agencies and 
funneling the funds through BCCI. Casolaro 
believed that some of the profits from these 
illegal sales made their way into a slush fund 
used for political payoffs and covert 
intelligence operations not authorized by congress.

Danny Casolaro is far from the only one to whom 
mysterious death had befallen after their 
investigative work got them too close to the real 
power structure or presented an obstacle to its 
need for the cloak of secrecy. Too many rising 
politicians, uncooperative politicians and 
judges, hostile witnesses, whistle blowers and 
reporters have met with no small number of 
strange and untimely deaths often attributed to 
accidents (small plane crashes in particular), 
‘suicides’( a good deal of them in hotel rooms), 
sudden heart attacks or seizures (many in people 
with no history of such problems) and random acts 
of extreme violence that go unsolved by authorities.

In addition to Casolaro, other suspicious deaths 
of investigators of this particular nexus of evil 
include Financial Times reporter 
Ng, reportedly a friend of Casolaro who was found 
dead from a gunshot wound in his Guatemala City 
apartment where he was reportedly working on a 
story related to BCCI and to 
to interview a guy named Jimmy Hughes who 
according to the writer Rodney Stitch had 
information regarding shady dealings at the 
Cabazon Indian Reservation near Palm Springs, CA 
as well as 
Moyle whose body was found hanging in a closet in 
a Santiago hotel room where he had been 
investigating the CIA and the arms trade.

Joel Bainerman also noted in his book that the 
Cabazon Indian Reservation where the PROMIS 
software was allegedly modified for espionage 
purposes by a very interesting character, a 
technical genius named 
Riconosciuto to include the ‘back door’ feature 
(to allow for secret access) was in fact a “CIA 
cutout”. The government contracting firm 
Wackenhut, a Florida based corporation alleged to 
have been involved in sensitive 'private 
security' matters (Blackwater before Blackwater) 
was involved at the time in a 
with the Cabazon tribe to use the sovereign land 
status of the reservation to work on a variety of 
endeavors including the development and testing 
of arms including a fuel air explosive, 
biochemical warfare agents and other armaments 
that could be provided to third world regimes, 
primarily to right wing governments in Latin 
America. The Cabazon Indian Reservation was 
allegedly transformed into veritable spook nest 
as well as a staging ground for covert military 
industrial complex purposes. Wackenhut 
incidentally is back in the news (or at least the 
alternative media) with Ellen Brown's recent 
story about the 
prison buses spotted in Arizona so they are still 
a player and a big one at that. I would venture 
to speculate that the truth about Wackenhut 
Corporation and its longtime involvement in the 
prison industrial complex that has become so 
very, very lucrative to this fascist society is 
something that deserves one hell of a good deal of scrutiny.


Interestingly enough there was a local news 
investigation in the Palm Springs area in 2008 
that had focused on the 2005 multiple 
murder-suicide of Riverside County District 
Attorney Investigator David McGowan and five 
members of his family. As the series continued 
questions began to arise on whether McGowan had 
been digging a bit too deeply into a cold case 
file regarding a 
triple murder on the Cabazon Reservation that had 
ties to the covert activities that Danny Casolaro 
was investigating. Subsequent installments in the 
series by news reporter Nathan Baca began to 
questions about PROMIS as well as the other 
mysterious activities at the reservation and 
began to delve into the 1981 murders of tribal 
leader Fred Alvarez who resisted those behind the 
Cabazon-Wackenhut joint venture as well as two 
interview was conducted with the daughter of one 
of the victims who is to this day seeking justice 
for the murder of her father Ralph Boger. Rachel 
Begley (her website is called 
<http://www.desertfae.com/>desertfae) very 
accurately described what has been going on at Cabazon as follows:
"I'm more shocked than anything. I had no idea 
these things were going on. Most of America 
doesn't know these things are going on," said 
Begley. "It's still going on to this day. It's a big web of corruption."

The series ended abruptly in October 
an installment that began to delve into whether 
other local Indian tribes may have been involved 
in dealings with Wackenhut and mentioned “an 
experimental electromagnetic weapon called a 
"railgun" as being one of the projects. That the 
KESQ story has not continued is disappointing but 
certainly not surprising given the history of 
what has happened to those digging too deeply 
into affairs involving the PROMIS software - I 
would hope that it will eventually be resumed. In 
my own opinion, I would suspect that fear may a 
motivating factor in the suspension of this 
series, especially after the detective who had 
been investigating the case stated that he: 
"doesn't want to continue on the case based on 
the number of people who have met an untimely 
demise while doing so". Who knows, I hope that 
that isn't the case and that a new installment 
will be forthcoming in the near future, as a 
concerned American it is extremely important that 
it at some point continue because Mr. Baca is onto something BIG.

Now, since I feel that it is particularly 
relevant I am posting an email from said 
detective to an unnamed third party who he was 
seeking advice from and specifically for the 
comments of said detective that I have 
highlighted that should send a chill up the spine of all who read this:

----- Original Message -----
From: X
To: X
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 1:44 PM
Subject: Alvarez Triple Homicide

Hello X

My name is X and I'm with the Riverside County 
Sheriff's Department. I'm a homicide detective 
assigned to the cold case division. The Alvarez 
triple homicide was assigned to me a couple of months ago.

For the past two months I have reviewed nearly a 
thousand documents of police reports, and spent 
many hours browsing the Internet for additional 
sources of information. As I am sure you can 
imagine, I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland 
after falling down the rabbit hole. I no longer 
have a complete grasp on the real world.

You should know first off, that I am an 
experienced investigator with 18 years on the 
Sheriff's Dept. and I consider myself pretty 
intuitive when it comes to filtering out the BS. 
After my first review of the police reports in 
this case, I wasn't sure why it remained unsolved 
for over 26 years. All of the players were 
identified and the Modus Operandi seemed to be 
well established. I couldn't understand why every 
few years the case was suddenly dropped and put back on the shelf.

That's when Rachel Begley introduced me to the 
rabbit hole. After the countless hours I have now 
spent on her website and the numerous other 
conspiracy theorists websites, I'm having a very 
difficult time sifting through the BS.

I have also spent much time on your website and I 
have found your investigations impressive and 
your opinions refreshing. That is why I am 
writing to you now. I do not make it a habit of 
talking to journalists about open homicide 
investigations, however, it appears you are much 
more educated about this particular case than I am.

I know you are very busy and I understand the 
Alvarez triple homicide is a very small part of 
the Octopus, but I would be very interested in 
spending any time with you that you have 
available, in order to get some perspective on what I've read.

Just so you understand where I am in this case. I 
am currently preparing a review and summary for 
my Sergeant. My conclusion will be that I do not 
wish to continue investigating this case, based 
on the number of people who have met an untimely demise while doing so.

My actions in this matter go against everything I 
believe in, and this case is very difficult for 
me to walk away from, especially with the 
allegations that involve the deaths of 
Investigator Dave McGowan and his family. But I 
am conceding to a higher power (my wife) and 
trying to give her some peace of mind. I cannot 
look her in the eyes and tell her that I am 
willing to risk the life of my family by pursuing this.

I am interested in your opinion. Am I just 
another lamb to the slaughter? Is the Puppet 
Master pulling my strings via Rachel Begley? Is 
this just a simple case of murder by Jimmy Hughes 
at the direction of John P. Nichols, or is it really much more than that?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

Detective X
RSO - Central Homicide
(951) X desk
(951) X cell

IV: Conclusion:

It is with the hope of this humble blogger that 
this series as well as other damning information 
such as that put forth by Mr. Tice, Mr. Tamm and 
other patriotic Americans who have risked all 
(and at times paid with their careers and lives) 
all in order to get the truth out will encourage 
others to do the same. It is long past time to 
bring attention to the history of grossly immoral 
and criminal acts that have been perpetrated 
against the people of the United States by the 
very institutions that are supposed to be 
protecting us. It is imperative that others begin 
to work independently (and together whenever 
possible) to mount their own investigations into 
how the government has been weaponized by a pack 
of fascist thugs so that they may reap the 
benefits at the expense of those who are not 
connected to an elitist ruling class that is hell 
bent on maintaining the status quo.

Danny Casolaro did not have the most powerful 
tool against injustice and corruption available 
while he was alive, the internet was only in its 
nascent stages and had he the ability that we 
enjoy due to advances in technology he may very 
well still be alive and the criminal usurpers of 
our democracy and violators of our constitution 
could be where they belong – in prison. It is my 
hope that one with more influence, internal 
knowledge and resources than I have at my 
disposal begin to not only do very serious 
investigative work but to also petition the new 
administration of President Barack Obama for the following:

1:  An immediate cessation of all illegal, 
unconstitutional surveillance and data-mining 
that has been ongoing against law abiding American citizens.

2:  The creation of an independent investigative 
body along the lines of the Church Committee 
imbued with sweeping powers to investigate abuses 
of intelligence both within the government as 
well as with private contractors who have 
collaborated in crimes against the republic and its citizens.

3:  A case by case federal investigation into ALL 
suspicious deaths of reporters and other 
individuals either directly or indirectly 
involved in the investigation of what has been 
done with the PROMIS software, NSA spying and 
Continuity of Government programs. Especially now 
that it has been revealed that the NSA has been 
actively spying on journalists and news organizations.

4:  A restoration of the rule of law as a bulwark 
against tyranny as was intended by our founding 
fathers who having full knowledge of how 
unaccountable despots behave risked all to lay 
the foundation of a free society where the 
highest ideals of liberty can be enjoyed by all.

5:  In iron tight regulatory system to ensure 
that such flagrant abuses of power never be 
allowed to occur again in the future. The cloak 
of secrecy needs to be removed and all government 
must be open to the scrutiny of those who it is supposed to serve.

6:  The prosecution to the full extent of the law 
of those who are currently or who have in the 
past been involved in any criminal activity in relation to the aforementioned.

Truly, nothing else will suffice if we are to 
have any credibility as a nation based on laws.

To Be Continued....

(Read “Main Core, PROMIS, and the Shadow 
I and 
II.  Next: Part Four - The Octopus)

Authors Bio: Ed Encho is a free lance writer, 
activist and consultant who resides in West 
Central Florida and author of the upcoming "A 
Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy".

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