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Published: Wednesday, August 26, 2009
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Colombia's Uribe is a mother-seller ... Chavez 
knows what he is talking about...

VHeadline commentarist Oscar Heck 
Colombia, a Colombian and US government 
police/military program which began around the 
year 2000 with the supposed goal of reducing 
and/or eradicating "illegal" coca cultivation in 
the northern South American Andes, most 
importantly in Colombia (the largest producer and 
supplier of cocaine in the world) 
 is a total 
farce and failure 
 that is, if one is to believe 
that Plan Colombia was really intended to reduce 
coca cultivation 
 and is a total success 
one is to believe what I believe 
 that Plan 
Colombia is a subversive US military/economic 
plan to gain access to the insides of South 
America and to its inner natural resources while 
at the same time spreading US military bases and 
CIA operations throughout South American, from 
the inside out, eventually leading to complete US 
political, economic and military control over all of South America.

that most of the Caribbean and Central America 
are already under US political/economic and 
military control, as well as parts of South America.

Furthermore, as Chavez and his people believe, I 
too believe that one of Plan Colombia's main 
purposes is to set up US military operations for 
an eventual invasion of Venezuela, that is, if 
Venezuela does not bend to US demands, which 
Venezuela, under Chavez, does not, and will not.

Is it coincidence that Plan Colombia was first 
being discussed in 1998 at the time when it 
became obvious that Chavez was going to win the 
presidential elections in 1998 with a clear 
majority? And that Plan Colombia was implemented 
in and around 2000, just after Venezuela's new 
constitution was voted in by national referendum, 
opening the doors for Venezuela to re-write laws, 
create a National Assembly (which was 
on-existent) and get rid of the USA-and-Venezuelan-elite-controlled senate?

VHeadline.com recently published an article 
Ambassador's goodbye ... Chavez prepares showdown 
with Uribe" in which Uribe, Colombia's President 
is said to have said "
that the best contribution 
the international community can make to free his 
country of narco-trafficking and terrorism is to 
make sure that both evils do not take root in any other country

 that is precisely what Plan Colombia is 
supposed to be 
"[a] contribution the 
international community can make to free his 
country of narco-trafficking and terrorism 
and if successful, would make sure "
 that both 
evils do not take root in any other country."

But what went wrong?

Why is it that Plan Colombia has not, from what I 
have been able to research, achieved its goal of 
reducing or eradicating "narco-trafficking"?

That is, apart from a possibly strategic 
US/Colombia political/military plan to "allow 
‘terrorists' and ‘narco-traffickers'" to "take 
root" in Venezuela, thus accusing Venezuela of 
collaborating with those "evils."

If this were part of the US/Colombia plan, which 
I am quite sure it is, at least in part, this is 
the way I would see it working: It is obvious 
that Chavez, an anti-imperialist, will be 
popularly elected with a majority as President in 
Venezuela, so Plan Colombia, under guise of 
eradicating the narco trade, is created. Colombia 
is Venezuela's closest neighbor and a staunch US ally.

The USA finances the plan and in return the USA 
gains military and geographical access to the 
borders between Colombia and Venezuela (and all 
other borders). Through Plan Colombia, the 
Colombian/USA offensive against the narcos takes 
place along the borders, where much of the coca 
cultivation and narco activity traditionally 
takes place. Instead of taking control of the 
coca areas, they militarily push the narco activity toward Venezuela.

Once the US and Colombian governments have 
achieved this, they can now accuse Chavez and 
Venezuela of allowing narcos and "terrorists" to 
operate within Venezuelan territory.

The sardonic part of this type of planned outcome 
is that most people outside Venezuela or Colombia 
will easily accept "reports" (whether true or 
false) of narcos and "terrorists" operating on 
the Venezuelan side of the border with absolutely 
no regard for the local geography 
 and the US 
government and its co-collaborating corporate media know this.

I live on the Colombia/Venezuela border, and 
anyone living there can tell you that, except for 
a few border-crossing areas, the vast part of the 
border is almost impossible to watch, let alone 
enter or survey or control. Most of the 
Venezuela-Colombia border is a mix of 
geographical clashes ranging from gigantic Andean 
mountains to torrid plains, vast swamp lands, 
tropical forests and impenetrable jungle with few access roads.

Anyone with any sense of reality who knows the 
area will come to the conclusion that if narcos 
or supposed terrorists are in fact operating on 
the Venezuelan side of the border, it would not 
be surprising and in effect, those operating in 
such locations would probably not even know that 
they are on the Venezuelan side of anything. Bah!

Now, back to the subject at hand: Here are some 
quotes directly from the 
<http://www.usdoj.gov/ndic/pubs25/25921/cocaine.htm>US Department of Justice:

"However, Mexican DTOs will most likely undertake 
concerted efforts to reestablish their supply 
chain, and because cocaine production in South 
America appears to be stable or increasing, 
cocaine availability could return to normal 
levels during late 2007 and early 2008."

"Potential South American cocaine production 
increased in 2006 as Colombian coca growers 
adapted their growing practices to counter intensified coca eradication."

"High levels of cocaine-related crime, rates of 
abuse, and overdose incidents are a considerable 
burden to the nation--a condition not likely to diminish in the near term."

"Uncertainty exists regarding the precision of 
coca cultivation estimates. Although the best 
available estimates indicate an increase in coca 
cultivation in South America, the rapid 
adaptation by coca growers and their changing 
cultivation practices challenge analysts' ability 
to develop cocaine production estimates with a 
high degree of certainty. The land area surveyed 
for coca cultivation in South America increased 
each year from 2004 through 2006, and in each 
year, coca fields were discovered in areas not 
previously surveyed or known for large-scale coca 
cultivation. Analysts are uncertain as to how 
long these newly discovered coca fields have been 
active. Moreover, analysts also are uncertain 
about the productivity of coca fields that are 
rapidly replanted after aerial eradication and 
about the productivity of vigorously pruned coca bushes."

It is important to realize, from the many 
internet sources I have checked, that the US 
government has financed Plan Colombia to the tune 
of at least $5 billion since its inception in or 
around the year 2000. The US government has 
apparently also trained thousands of Colombian 
military/policing personnel 
37,000) and has collaborated with the Colombian 
government in military and "intelligence" operations.

I personally know one Canadian "contractor" (spy) 
who worked as a sub-contractor to a US contractor 
for the US government in Colombia just prior to 
the start of Plan Colombia. He is one of the few 
advanced specialists in secret aerial 
surveillance. He was almost assassinated when discovered.

Now, VHeadline.com's article, 
Ambassador's goodbye ... Chavez prepares showdown 
with Uribe" also states "Chavez insisted that the 
Colombian bourgeoisie hates Venezuela and that 
the decision to pass seven military bases to the 
US military is a declaration of war against the 
Venezuelan people ... Executive Vice President 
Ramon Carrizalez and Interior & Justice (MIJ) 
Minister Tarek El Aissami have been told to 
intensify security plans in Venezuela against 
movements of Colombian paramilitaries."

Chavez is right, as far as I can see. Plan 
Colombia, for what it was supposedly intended 
(the cover) is obviously a grand failure.

So where is the money going to?

Why are 37,000 + Colombian military and policing 
forces being trained when the cocaine supply is apparently on the increase?

Why has Colombia now agreed to have several US 
military bases built in Colombia?

 and this is a side point perhaps 
 the USA 
is a purely capitalist society, right?

In a purely capitalist society, the ultimate goal 
is to make as much profit as possible, any way 
possible, without being caught. (Many examples 
exist here. You can research Chiquita Banana, 
Bopal India, the recent bank "failures," the 
maquiladoras, etc.) So, if the USA (and its 
allies) are pure capitalists, it stands to utmost 
reason that the eradication of the cocaine trade 
cannot be permitted. The profits are massive and 
the demand is inexhaustible, especially in the 
USA. There is no real sense in eliminating such a lucrative business.

Now, back to Colombia and Venezuela and the USA 
and its intentions. Colombia is a very close ally of the USA, and it borders:
    * Brazil's mostly unexplored inner forests and resources
    * Venezuela, a "non-friendly" country whose 
oil and gas reserves are immense
    * Ecuador, another "renegade" country with vast resources
    * Peru, a US ally which can provide US 
military access to "non-friendly" Bolivia on Peru's southern border

If the USA can have political, economic and 
military control of all of western South America, 
then the USA can easily invade all of the rest of 
South America from the inside out.

Plan Colombia is a farce 
 but a serious threat 
to South America, especially to Venezuela.

Colombia's President Uribe is a mother-seller.

Chavez knows what he is talking about...

Oscar Heck
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