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Fri Apr 24 17:03:07 EDT 2009

Leftists in Rafah criticize internal abuses of 
the people and say will not side with any party

24.04.09 - 14:48

Rafah / PNN – High ranking member of the leftist 
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine's 
Central Committee, Imad Abu Rahma, said from the 
southern Gaza Strip today, “The failure of the 
Palestinian dialogue will enhance geographical 
and political division, and will add an increase 
in violations and abuse of public liberties 
against our people in Gaza and the West Bank.”

Abu Rahma was speaking during a political forum 
organized in Rafah’s western district of Tel 
Sultan entitled, “Palestinian national dialogue to where?”

The Palestinian people are awaiting results from 
the rounds of internal dialogue in Cairo, wishing 
to finally bring a political end to the state of 
division, he said. “We must reconsider 
Palestinian national unity in the face of the 
challenges and risks faced by our people from 
both political and geographical divisions, in 
addition to violations of democracy and public 
freedoms, while under the continuous Zionist 
aggression against our children and our people.”

Abu Rahma rejected the idea of the Egyptian 
proposal to form a temporary committee to run a 
semi-confederation in the West Bank and Gaza, 
warning of the danger in promoting the 
Palestinian division and bilateral quotas. “This 
is harmful,” he said, while stressing the need 
for a comprehensive national power to be 
established for both the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Abu Rahma went on to say that the “partnership 
and the participation of all factions in the 
comprehensive national dialogue is the way to 
resolve the main outstanding issues.” He added 
that Palestinian parties must share power at all 
levels and act independently of regional and international pressures.

The PFLP official also criticized abuses of 
democracy and public freedoms, and the repression 
and torture taking place in Gaza and the West 
Bank, calling for an end to this issue in the next round of dialogue.

He stressed the need to organize the resistance 
through the establishment of a united front with 
all the factions empowered and entrusted with the 
decision regarding all forms of resistance to 
serve the national interests of the Palestinian people.

However, Abu Rahma called the masses to take 
responsibility for the situation as well by 
“intensifying unity and action in the face of the 
extremist Zionist government’s plans to hit the 
new resistance as it increases the pace of 
Judaizing Jerusalem, confiscating land, and the siege on Gaza.

He reiterated the leftist party’s role in trying 
to end the state of schism. “The Popular Front is 
working on the restoration of national unity and 
will not side with any party over another.” Abu 
Rahma said the PFLP will continue efforts to 
alleviate the suffering of the people and to 
address their concerns while exposing the practices against them.

With hopes resting on the Cairo dialogue to 
restore national unity, the prominent points of 
agreement and disagreement remain the government 
and its program, elections, the Palestine 
Liberation Organization and reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

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