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Message of President Evo Morales

The Continental Gathering of Solidarity with Bolivia in Guatemala 
City, October 9, 2008


By Evo Morales Ayma
Minga Informativa de Movimientos Sociales

October 10, 2008

Sisters and brothers, on behalf of the Bolivian people, I greet the 
social movements of this continent present in this Act of Continental 
Solidarity with Bolivia.

We have just suffered the violence of the oligarchy, whose most 
brutal expression was the massacre in Panda, a deed that teaches us 
that an attempt at power based on money and weapons in order to 
oppress the people is not sustainable. It is easily knocked down, if 
it is not based on a program and the consciousness of the people.

We see that the re-founding of Bolivia affects the underhanded 
interests of a few families of large landholders, who reject as an 
aggression the measures enacted to favor the people such as a more 
balanced distribution of the resources of natural gas for our 
grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as the distribution of lands, 
the campaigns for health and literacy, and others.

To protect their power and privileges and to evade the process of 
change, the ruling elite of large landholders of the so-called Half 
Moon (Media Luna) clothe themselves in the movements for departmental 
autonomies and the rupture of national unity, lending themselves to 
the yankee interests of ending the re-founding of Bolivia.

However, in the revocation referendum of August 10, we just received 
the mandate of two thirds of the Bolivian people to consolidate this 
process of change, in order to continue advancing in the recovery of 
our natural resources, and to insure the well being of all Bolivians, 
to unite the distinct sectors of society of the countryside and the 
city, of the east and the west.

Sisters and brothers, what happened with this revocation referendum 
in Bolivia is something that is not only important for Bolivians but 
for all Latin Americans. We dedicate it to the Latin American 
revolutionaries and those throughout the world, reaffirming the 
struggle for all processes of change.

I was going to express the way to recover the life ways of our 
peoples, called Live Well (el Buen Vivir), to recover our vision of 
the Mother Earth, that for us is life, because it is not possible for 
the capitalist model to convert Mother Earth into a commodity. Once 
again we see the profound correlations between the indigenous 
movement and the organizations of the social movements, which also 
throw in their lot in order to Live Well. We greet them so that 
together we can seek a certain balance in the world.

Along these lines, I want to share and propose for debate some 10 
commandments to save the planet, for humanity and for life, not only 
at this level but also to debate among our communities, and our organizations.

First, if we want to save the planet earth to save life and humanity, 
we are obliged to end the capitalist system. The grave effects of 
climate change, of the energy, food and financial crises, are not a 
product of human beings in general, but rather of the capitalist 
system at it is, inhuman, with its idea of unlimited industrial development.

Second, to renounce war, because the people do not win in war, but 
only the imperial powers; the nations to not win, but rather the 
transnational corporations. Wars benefit a small group of families 
and not the people. The trillions of millions used for war should be 
directed to repair and cure Mother Earth wounded by climate change.

Third proposal for debate: a world without imperialism nor 
colonialism, our relationships should be oriented to the principle of 
complementarity, and to take into account the profound asymmetries 
that exist family to family, country to country, and continent to continent.

And the fourth point is oriented to the issue of water, which ought 
to be guaranteed as a human right to avoid its privatization into few 
hands, given that water is life.

As the fifth point, I would like to say that we need to end the 
energy debacle. In 100 years we are using up fossil energies created 
during millions of years. As some presidents are setting aside lands 
for luxury automobiles and not for human beings, we need to implement 
policies to impede the use of agro-fuels and in this way to avoid the 
hunger and misery for our peoples.

As a sixth point: in relationship to the Mother Earth. The capitalist 
system treats the Mother Earth as a raw material, but the earth 
cannot be understood as a commodity; who could privatize, rent or 
lease their own mother? I propose that we organize an international 
movement in defense of Mother Nature, in order to recover the health 
of Mother Earth and re-establish a harmonious and responsible life with her.

A central theme as the seventh point for debate is that basic 
services, whether they be water, electricity, education, or health, 
need to be taken into account as human rights.

As the eighth point, to consume what is needed, prioritize what we 
produce and consume locally, end consumerism, decadence and luxury. 
We need to prioritize local production for local consumption, 
stimulating self-reliance and the sovereignty of the communities 
within the limits that the health and remaining resources the planet permits.

As the next to last point, to promote the diversity of cultures and 
economies. To live in unity respecting our differences, no only 
physical, but also economic, through economies managed by the 
communities and their associations.

Sisters and brothers, as the tenth point, we propose to Live Well, 
not live better at the expense of another, a Live Well based on the 
lifestyle of our peoples, the riches of our communities, fertile 
lands, water and clean air. Socialism is talked about a lot, but we 
need to improve this socialism, improve the proposals for socialism 
in the XXI century, building a communitarian socialism, or simply a 
Live Well, in harmony with Mother Earth, respecting the shared life 
ways of the community.

Finally, sisters and brothers, certainly you are following up on the 
problems that exist. I have reached the conclusion that there will 
always be problems, but I want to tell you that I am very content, 
not disappointed or worried because these groups who permanently 
enslaved our families during the colonial time, the time of the 
republic and this period of neo-liberalism, they continue as family 
groups, resisting us.

It is our struggle to confront these groups who live in luxury and 
who do not wish to lose their luxury, or lose their lands. This is a 
historic struggle and this struggle lives on.

Sisters and brothers, in the hope that the Continental Gathering of 
the III Social Forum of the Americas culminates with strong bonds of 
unity among you and a strong Action Plan in favor of the people of 
Bolivia and of our peoples, I repeat my fraternal greeting.

Evo Morales Ayma
President of the Republic of Bolivia

(translation by S. Bartlett)

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