[News] Arts panel considers revisions for King Memorial

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Fri Jun 20 20:44:26 EDT 2008

Arts panel considers revisions for King Memorial


WASHINGTON (AP) — Artists working on a planned Martin Luther King Jr.
Memorial have submitted changes to soften the likeness of the civil rights
icon after concerns that a previous rendering made him look like a
SOCIALIST [ed] leader.

The changes were requested by the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts and
considered at a meeting Thursday. The panel didn't take formal vote on the
changes, but will continue watching progress of the project planned for
the National Mall.

In April, the panel had criticized the depiction of King, a proponent of
nonviolent political protest, as "confrontational."

Ed Jackson Jr., executive architect on the memorial project, said they had
softened King's face slightly at the brow and at the mouth. The new look
maintains the look of King's consternation but turns his mouth up to
resemble a hint of a smile. King's arms remain firmly crossed, in part to
show his determination.

Harry Johnson, president of the memorial foundation, says the design is
still a work in progress until final approval from regulators in

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