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Interview with Mohawk grandmother beaten by border agents

Posted by 
Norrell - June 18, 2008 at 9:02 am
Telephone interview with Katenies

By Brenda Norrell

AKWESASNE -- Mohawk grandmothers Kahentinetha Horn and Katenies were 
in custody at the US/Canadian border on Saturday, June 14, 2008, when 
the two women were handcuffed and beaten by gangs of officers and 
border patrol agents. Eight officers beat Kahentinetha, 68-years-old, 
and five officers beat Katenies. Kahentinetha, publisher of Mohawk 
Nation News, suffered a heart attack and is in a Canadian hospital. 
Katenies was released from jail Monday evening and is in seclusion. 
Katenies, in a telephone interview on Tuesday afternoon, described 
the police attack on the women at the border. Katenies said the women 
were returning to Canada from a visit in the US, when they were 
stopped at the border. After the women showed their Haudenosaunee 
identification, they were told the IDs were not sufficient and they 
were detained. Then border agents did a background check.

Katenies was told that she had an earlier warrant. She had refused to 
recognize the authority of the Canadian government over her. In the 
earlier case she had stopped at a border check and was granted 
permission to pass, but border agents later claimed she was not 
cleared to pass. When she refused to recognize the authority of the 
Canadian government over her, a warrant resulted.

On Saturday, when Katenies refused to get out of the car, five huge 
Canadian officers and border agents jumped on her, dragged her out 
and threw her to the concrete, grinding her chin into the concrete.

"I went down so fast, they had knees in my back and kidneys. They 
were like a football team on me and they acted like they had no boundaries."

"They told me if I didn't cooperate, they would break my arms."

As officers attacked Katenies, Kahentinetha was on her cell phone 
calling family members and authorities for help. When Kahentinetha 
refused to hang up, eight officers attacked her.

Katenies was placed in a cell and could hear the officers bring in 
Kahentinetha. Katenies could hear Kahentinetha yelling for them to 
loosen the handcuffs. By the screams of pain, Katenies said it 
sounded like the police were continuing to tighten the handcuffs as 
Kahentinetha cried out.

Kahentinetha was handcuffed in a stress hold. The handcuffs cut off 
Kahentinetha's circulation and she suffered a heart attack.
A family member arrived at the same time and was able to get an 
ambulance immediately for Kahentinetha and she was transported to a hospital.

Katenies was transported to jail in Cornwall, where she remained in 
custody from Saturday until Monday evening. Katenies said the two 
women were not charged, but were told they would be charged at a later date.

Kahentinetha remains in the hospital, with family present, and her 
condition is not known.

A member of the Mohawk Warrior Society said, "They did this because 
we have the greatest weapon, the truth, and what Kahentinetha writes 
is the truth. They are terrified of the truth. What they are trying 
to do is provoke the Mohawks." He said ultimately what they want is 
to provoke the Mohawks into a confrontation so the Mohawks who are 
resisting will be shot and killed. He said the Canadian government's 
plan was to assassinate Kahentinetha.

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