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FARC for Peace, Social Justice

Paris, Feb 14 (Prensa Latina) The Revolutionary Armed Forces of 
Colombia (FARC) called for a country without war after necessary 
steps are taken to promote peace with social justice.

"The future of Colombia cannot be one of war," declared comandante 
Raul Reyes, reiterating the decision of the guerrilla organizations 
to procure an agreement of humanitarian exchange.

Unfortunately, the comandante told Prensa Latina via Internet, the 
oligarchies aligned with the drug mafias and paramilitaries took over 
the government to defend their interests, with a nod from Washington.

This is self-explanatory in the Colombia Plan and its derivatives 
such as the Patriot Plan, Consolidation and others with grandiose 
names such as Plan Lasso, Centaurs, Destructor One and Two or 
Tanatos, of former president Andres Pastrana.

Now, the FARC leader added, they are begging for approval of the Free 
Trade Treaty with the United States to continue their killing sprees 
with more poverty and destitution but without renouncing the plans of 
war inspired by the plundered empires directed by the United States.

Reyes made this declaration after the liberation of Claudia Rojas and 
Consuelo Gonzalez and with the announcement of the liberation of 
three more congresspersons in answer to requests by Venezuelan 
president, Hugo Chavez, and senator Piedad Cordoba.

The proposal Chavez made to recognize the status of FARC was the best 
political contribution toward a humanitarian agreement and 
achievement of peace, he added.

In his opinion, one of the objectives of the war of the Alvaro Uribe 
government is to force the peoples and governments of Venezuela and 
Ecuador to participate in the internal conflict of Colombia through 
joint operations with troops from the three countries.

"Our policy," he said, "is to contribute to brotherhood. FARC does 
not cross the border of any nation in military operations."

In his declarations to Prensa Latina, Reyes assured that comandante 
Manuel Marulanda is in good health and at the head of FARC, 
successfully leading his organization and denied false rumors of a 
terminal disease with infighting to achieve leadership.

Referring to a possible exchange of prisoners, the rebel chief said 
it was of utmost importance to clear forces from the municipalities 
of Pradera and Florida, in the Cauca Valley department for 45 days.

The Spanish government and catholic church of Colombia excluded 
themselves as mediators for taking sides with Uribe, he added.

Reyes recalled that the guerrillas Simon Trinidad and Sonia, 
extradited to the United States and the three US agents held by the 
rebels are a substantial part of a possible exchange.

The three CIA spies captured are war prisoners and not kidnapped as 
the war hawks say to deny the truth of United States interference in 
the internal conflict of Colombia, he informed.

"Our army," he said "continues a normal process of growth in 
experience, men and weapons with growing popular support. There are 
daily combats throughout the homeland because guerrilla movements are 
mobile and their presence is felt in all of Colombia."


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