[News] SF - Feb. 5 Action: Will the Real Peace Candidate Please Stand Up?

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Mon Feb 4 10:37:54 EST 2008

Friends and fellow activists,

Act Against Torture has understood and advocated from the beginning that
the Bush administration's "war on terror" is the foul swamp in which the
practices of torture and indefinite detention have festered and spread.
For that reason, we are taking an active role organizing with Direct
Action to Stop the War ( DASW, http://www.actagainstwar.net ) around the
5-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq on March 19th.

Direct Action starts on Tuesday, the day of the "Super Tuesday" primary
election.  Visits to the campaign offices of Democratic Party candidates
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Tuesday will call into question the
supposed anti-war credentials of both candidates.  We'll use humor and
strong visuals to send a strong message to the candidates that they should
not take for granted support from the antiwar camp.


   Election Day Action
   February 5 at 5pm
   Meet at U.N. Plaza in SF or Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland

DASW is planning protests on both sides of the Bay on primary day,
gathering at U.N. Plaza in San Francisco and Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland.
  The women's peace group Code Pink, which plans actions throughout the day
in San Francisco, expects to meet up with us at U.N. Plaza for a brief

We invite you to bring your own visual props, as well as noisemakers, pots
& pans, sidewalk chalk, etc. We'd also like to invite you to wear either
business drag, or red white & blue attire.  And finally, we'd like you to
bring whatever you'd like to bring to make this a more festive, fun, and
powerful action.

More information about why each candidate needs to be held to account by
the antiwar movement is included below.

See you there!

- Act Against Torture
   ActAgainstTorture at riseup.net

Why take action to confront Clinton and Obama?

Hillary Clinton still refuses to acknowledge that her vote to authorize
war with Iraq in 2002 was wrong. She has said that the troop surge is
working, and gave it a standing ovation during the State of the Union
Address.  She voted for a resolution threatening military action against

Barack Obama wants to end the war in Iraq only to escalate it in
Afghanistan and attack Pakistan. He also recently wrote a letter
justifying Israel's refusal to allow fuel, food and medicine into Gaza,
where people are literally starving and freezing to death.

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