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Black History Month at AK Press

February is Black History month. Here are a 
number of titles which are valuable in spreading 
the overlooked, unknown, or censored history of Black America.


What's The Use Of Walking If There's A Freight 
Train Going Your Way?: Black Hoboes & Their Songs
Paul Garon and Gene Tomko
pb/cd ISBN: 0882863061
Charles H Kerr

Another wonderful slice of political, cultural, 
and social history. Better yet, it comes 
'illustrated' with a CD, with 25 original 
recordings. Plus, the work is full of the lyrics, 
art, and photographs of people and their times.

"Paul Garon has produced yet another masterpiece 
of cultural history. The stories and songs he 
gathers together in this remarkable book disrupt 
common notions of what we mean by 'freedom' when 
it comes to black folk. Hoboes represented a 
significant segment of the black working class, 
and their constant movements were both evidence 
of constraints and acts of freedom. And as he so 
eloquently demonstrates, the men and women who 
took to the road and their bards have much to 
teach us about America's 'bottom rail.'" --Robin D G Kelley



Angela Davis: An Autobiograpy
Angela Davis
pb ISBN: 0717806677
International Publishers

First published in 1974, when Angela Davis was 
28, this is as fine a memoir of the 60s and 70s 
as you'll find. More than that, its a journey 
from a childhood on Dynamite Hill in Birmingham, 
Alabama to one of the most significant political 
trials of the 20th century; from political 
activity in a New York high school to the Soledad 
brothers; from the faculty of the Philosophy 
Dept. at UCLA to the FBI's list of the Ten Most 
Wanted Fugitives. A powerful and commanding story 
told with warmth, brilliance, humor, and 
conviction. And with a new introduction by the author.



Ben Fletcher: The Life And Times Of A Black 
Wobbly (Including Fellow Worker Fletcher's Writings & Speeches)
Peter Cole (Editor) and Ben Fletcher
pb ISBN: 0882863118
Charles H Kerr

This book tells the story of one of the greatest 
heroes of the American working class movement. In 
the early 20th century, when many U.S. unions 
disgracefully excluded black and Asian workers, 
the Industrial Workers of the World warmly 
welcomed people of color, in keeping with the 
Wobbly emphasis on class solidarity and the 
motto: "An Injury to One is an Injury to All!" 
The great African American Wobbly organizer, 
Benjamin Fletcher (1890-1949), was noted for his 
brilliant organizing ability and imaginative 
on-the-job strategies, as well as for his 
courage, humor, and excellence as a soapbox 
orator. Along with a biographical sketch of 
Fletcher, reminiscences by fellow workers who 
knew him well, and an impressive selection of 
Fletcher's own writings and speeches; Peter Cole 
also chronicles the ups and downs of the 
Philadelphia waterfront union in which Fletcher 
played such a leading role: Local 8 of the IWW's 
Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union.



BAD: The Autobiography of James Carr
James Carr
pb ISBN: 1902593642
AK Press

James Carr started fighting when he was very 
young and never gave it up. A child prodigy of 
crime in the streets of the L.A. ghettos and 
scourge of half a dozen boys' homes, his career 
in armed robbery was quickly cut short by arrest. 
In prison, he fought harder than ever and became 
one of the most notorious rebels in the seething California Penal System.
Linking up with George Jackson in Folsom, they 
led the notorious Wolf Pack, which quickly fought 
its way to a position of strength in the prison 
race war. Separated from George, Jimmy 
transformed himself from an openly rebellious con 
into a cunning thinker who manipulated the 
authorities and ultimately engineered his own 
release. Carr relates the story of his life with 
a cold passion, powerfully illuminating the 
horrors of daily life on the streets and in 
prison--race riots, murders, rape, and 
corruption--from the standpoint of one who has overcome them.

"Jimmy was the baddest motherfucker!" —George Jackson



Legacy Of Torture: The War Against The Black Liberation Movement DVD
Freedom Archives
DVD ISBN: 9780979078903
Freedom Archives

In 2005 several former members of the Black 
Panther Party were held in contempt and jailed 
for refusing to testify before a San Francisco 
Grand Jury investigating a police shooting that 
took place in 1971. The government alleged that 
Black radical groups were involved in the 34-year 
old case in which two men armed with shotguns 
attacked the Ingleside Police Station resulting 
in the death of a police sergeant and the injuring of a civilian clerk.
In 1973, thirteen alleged "Black militants" were 
arrested in New Orleans, purportedly in 
connection with the San Francisco events. Some of 
them were tortured for several days by law 
enforcement authorities, in striking similarity 
to the horrors visited upon detainees in 
Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. In 1975, a Federal 
Court in San Francisco threw out all of the 
evidence obtained in New Orleans. The two lead 
San Francisco Police Department investigators 
from over 30 years ago, along with FBI agents, 
have re-opened the case. Rather than submit to 
proceedings they felt were abusive of the law and 
the Constitution, five men chose to stand in 
contempt of court and were sent to jail. They 
were released when the Grand Jury term expired, 
but have been told by prosecutors that "it isn't 
over yet." This is the story to date: of history, 
repression, and resistance. A new 28 minute film.



What We Want, What We Believe: The Black Panther Party Library DVD
Roz Payne (Editor)
AK Press

For the first time on DVD, AK Press is proud to 
present three acclaimed Newsreel Films on the 
Black Panther Party: Off the Pig; Mayday; and 
Repression. Accompanying the Newsreel films is a 
massive quantity of rare and exclusive materials 
culled from Roz Payne's extensive collection of 
FBI documents, correspondence, and interviews 
with Black Panthers and their supporters. These 
materials-- over 12 hours--are crucial to our 
continuing understanding of the Black Panther 
Party and their legacy. Any student of American 
History, Black Studies, Political Science & Law, 
Film Studies, or Civil Rights struggles will find 
a wealth of valuable information in the Library.

"The invaluable Movement documentaries Newsreel 
produced furthered the work of the Black Panther 
Party and now provide the essential visual record 
of the Party's early days. This new dvd 
collection offers an extraordinary compilation 
that includes historic behind the scenes details 
taken from a wide range of interviews and 
contemporary events as well as the classic 
Newsreel films."--Kathleen Cleaver, 
Communications Secretary, Black Panther Party, 1967–1971



Self Respect, Self Defense & Self Determination: 
Featuring Mabel Williams and Kathleen Cleaver DVD
Kathleen Neal Cleaver, Mabel Williams, and Angela Davis (Introduction by)
DVD ISBN: 0972742255
Freedom Archives

Mabel Williams, with her late husband Robert F. 
Williams (author of Negroes With Guns), met with 
Malcolm X, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara, and Mao Tse 
Tung to help internationalize support for the 
Black Liberation Movement. Kathleen Cleaver was 
Communications Secretary and the first woman 
Central Committee member of the Black Panther 
Party. Later, she also lived in exile, gathering 
worldwide support for the BPP. These two 
inspiring women of the 60s Black liberation 
struggle share their personal 
experiences--resisting the KKK and police 
repression, forced exile and their international 
experiences in Third World nations--and how their 
history relates to the struggle today.



Death Of A Prophet: The Last Day In The Life Of Malcolm X DVD
Woody King Jr. (Director)

A docudrama of sorts, starring Morgan Freeman, 
and Yolanda King, daughter of Martin Luther King. 
Half documentary, half emotional drama, Death Of 
A Prophet beings with a series of interviews with 
those who were close to the slain civil rights 
leader Malcolm X. What follows is a dramatic 
depiction of February 21, 1965, the last day in the life of Malcolm X.



The Best Of Malcolm X Vol. 1
Malcolm X
Paul Winley Records

A greatest (recorded) hits, of the man and his 
words, live in action. 12 excerpts are showcased 
on this disc, including "Black United Front", 
"White Liberals", "Race War In America", "Black 
Women And White Men" and "Crime By Blacks."

ALSO AVAILABLE: The Best Of Malcolm X Vol. 2
The second installment of greatest (recorded) 
hits, of the man and his words, live in action. 
16 excerpts are showcased on this disc, including 
"The Root Of Civilization", "Police Brutality & 
Mob Violence", "Resurrection" and "White Man's Law".



Robert F. Williams: Self Respect, Self Defense, & Self Determination CD
Freedom Archives (Editor), Robert and Mabel Williams
CD ISBN: 1904859313
AK Press

Robert Williams organized African-American armed 
self- defense in the South. President of the 
NAACP in Monroe, North Carolina, he led the Black 
community in preventing Klan attacks and opposing 
the racism of governmental agencies. He was 
falsely accused of kidnapping charges by the FBI 
and was forced into exile. Williams lived in Cuba 
and China from 1961–1969. From Cuba, he broadcast 
"Radio Free Dixie," which aired the message of 
Black Liberation to the Southern US. He built 
strong relationships with world leaders like 
Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Mao Tse Tung and 
organized international support for the human 
rights struggles of African-Americans. Narrated 
by his widow, Mabel Williams, this audio 
documentary chronicles Williams' life through his interviews and speeches.

"The work he did should go down in history and 
never be forgotten." --Rosa Parks

"An important contribution to American history 
and politics. Countering superficial readings of 
U.S. democracy and Black freedom struggles, this 
narrative by Robert and Mabel Williams brings a 
deeper and newer perspective on 20th century 
civil rights and self-defense in Black liberation 
movements. This is a significant gift--a story 
that should be taught and debated in school and 
on the street." --Joy James, editor of Imprisoned Intellectuals



Prisons on Fire: George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation CD
Freedom Archives
CD ISBN: 1902593529
AK Press

Thirty years ago, America's prisons burned. 
Here's how, why, and what happened. Who were the 
Attica Brothers? Why did 1,500 Black, Puerto 
Rican, and white prisoners seize control of the 
New York prison? And who was George Jackson? And 
the Soledad Brothers? And why was he murdered by 
the San Quentin prison administration? What is 
the legacy of the prison movement? And what do 
these forgotten histories tell us about prisons, 
repression, and the struggle for freedom today? 
Thirty years later, through a mixtures of archive 
audio and contemporary interviews, music and 
narration, the voices of George Jackson; Jonathan 
Jackson Jr.; Angela Davis; David Hilliard; James 
Baldwin; Harry Belafonte; David Johnson, Hugo 
Pinell, Luis Talamantez and Sundiata Tate (all 
charged with the San Quentin rebellion following 
the murder of George Jackson); Frank "Big Black" 
Smith (Attica Brother and prison activist); 
William Kunstler; Elizabeth Fink and Michael 
Deutsch (attorneys for the Attica Brothers); L.D. 
Barkley (Attica Brother, murdered in the retaking 
of the prison in September of 1971, and who 
announced the "Attica Manifesto" to the world); 
and Ruchell Magee (prison activist and leader, 
still in prison for his political activities) 
introduce and grapple with this history and its 
lessons for today, and tomorrow.



AWOL Magazine

Social conscious/revolutionary magazine largely 
by and about folks of color and the youth. Comes 
with a full CD of radical and rapping sounds. The 
fourth issue includes Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, The 
Coup, Chuck D, Iraq, France, and New Orleans; The 
CD includes tracks from Fred Hampton Jr, 
Devlaree, Duo Live, Warclub, Tahir, Estacion 
Libre, Welfare Poets, Javlin, Joi and more. Very, very good.


Further Relevant Items
AK Press publishes and distributes a large number 
of books, CDs and DVDs that discuss, question and 
inform on the topics of race and racism in the 
USA. You can see these items by going to the link below.

More Titles On Race

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