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March 10, 2007, A Celebration of Resistance: Bay Area welcomes 
Haitian grassroots activist "So An"

"I send you all my blessings as a free Haitian woman fighting for the 
rights of the impoverished majority in my homeland. They may imprison 
my body but they will never imprison the truth I know in my soul. I 
will continue to fight for justice and truth in Haiti until I draw my 
last breath." - Annette Auguste, Petionville Penitentiary, 
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, May 23, 2004

Six months ago, grassroots activist and singer Annette Auguste, known 
as 'So An,' won her release from a Haitian jail over two years after 
her violent arrest by US Marines on Mother's Day, 2004 during Haiti's 
US-backed coup d'etat.Weekly grassroots mobilizations in Haiti called 
for her freedom and her courageous resistance won widespread 
international support. Since her release, So An has fought tirelessly 
for the release of hundreds of Haiti's other political prisoners, to 
denounce ongoing UN military ssaults on Haitian popular neighborhoods 
and to sustain her community in resistance to the ongoing US/UN 
occupation. Join Haiti Action Committee in welcoming this courageous 
Haitian leader to the Bay Area!

An evening celebrating resistance, solidarity and song with:

Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Committee

Annette Auguste ['So An'], Haitian activist, former political 
prisoner and musician

MUSIC by Vukani Mawethu, Freedom Song Choir

DATE/TIME: Saturday, March 10th, 7PM

LOCATION: The Uptown, 401 Twenty Sixth Street, Oakland [Between 
Telegraph and Broadway. Six blocks north of 19th Street BART]

DONATION: $5-50 no one turned away for lack of funds    For more 
information, (510) 483-7481

SAVE THE DATE: March 14th, powerful new film by Kevin Pina at Grand 
Lake Theatre -- "We Must Kill The Bandits."

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