[News] New Orleans - "Second Lines" PHRF/OC Feb-March 2007 Newsletter

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Tue Feb 27 08:54:54 EST 2007

For the latest news on the struggle for 
self-determination and a just reconstruction in 
New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, read “Second 
Lines”, the bi-monthly newsletter of the People’s 
Hurricane Relief Fund (PHRF). You can download 
the latest edition of our newsletter from our 
website at www.peopleshurricane.org. You will 
also find constant updates, mobilizing actions, 
resources, and varying political perspectives on 
the struggle at our website. So, please visit regularly!

Special features in this edition include:
1. Survivor’s views on mobilization of the Second 
Survivors Assembly (scheduled for August 25th – 
28th, 2007 in New Orleans, LA). See website for the actual call.
2. The call for the erection of “Resurrection 
City” to advance the struggle for Affordable 
Housing, particularly Public Housing in New Orleans.
3. The announcement of counseling support groups 
to support individuals interested in testifying 
at the International Tribunal on Hurricanes 
Katrina and Rita (scheduled for August 29th – 
September 2nd, 2007 in New Orleans, LA).
4. A report on PHRF’s international advocacy and 
solidarity work at the World Social Forum held in Nairobi, Kenya in January.
5. And a review of the essay, “To Render 
Ourselves Visible”, written by Shana Griffin, 
Mayaba Leibenthal, and INCITE! Women of Color 
Against Violence, recently printed in “What Lies 
Beneath”  by South End Press (proceeds of which benefit PHRF).

The struggle for the right of return still needs 
your support. You can support by making a 
donation to support our organizing, supporting 
our mobilizations and calls to action, and spreading the word!

In Unity and Struggle,
Kali Akuno
Executive Director, PHRF

Monday, February 26, 2007

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