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Mecca meeting considered a success but much work remains


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Friday, 09 February 2007

For over two hours President Abbas and Hamas political bureau head 
Khalid Mashal were swarmed by officials and television cameras. Late 
last night Fateh and Hamas reached an agreement. The Mecca meeting 
went quickly although the period leading up to it did not. The time 
past several months have been messy, long and painful, with numerous 
deaths and a rift that threatened the fabric of society. Many people 
expected a comprehensive civil war.

Among the atrocities was an assassination attempt against the Prime 
Minster and Hamas member, Ismail Haniya when he returned from 
meetings through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the southern 
Gaza Strip. The man that Hamas accused was Mohammad Dahlan.

Fateh announced that the controversial official would be among the 
delegation heading to Saudi Arabia this week. However upon signing 
the agreement and speaking to the public via the press, Dahlan was 
conspicuously absent.

The group in front of the cameras included the King of Saud and the 
members of both the Hamas and Fateh delegations. It was not lost on 
anyone that Dahlan was missing. An explanation emerged on Palestinian 

The member of the Fateh leadership said that it was the final public 
hope and the Saudi King pressured the two parties to quickly sign 
something. And as a Hamas representative said at the beginning of the 
meetings, "We have no choice but to agree."
However, Dahlan continued, the details have yet to be ironed out. 
Presidential Media Advisor Nabil Amr read the instruction book for 
the new unity government, but it had been written in August.

Dahlan said that several outstanding issues remain unresolved, 
including the position of the Minister of the Interior which is one 
of the most crucial issues as it is he who controls security. The 
current minister created the Executive Forces that the National 
Security has been fighting in the streets for months.

Although there are problems, hope was palpable across the West Bank 
and Gaza Strip with marches in the streets and cheers from all 
corners hoping that the population will once again become unified.

Dahlan said the atmosphere remains friendly.

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