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Israeli forces kill four Palestinians in targeted assassinations of 
Hamas-linked armed resistance

(Gaza) Bisan Hisham
Wednesday, 06 September 2006

In late night air attacks on the southern Gaza Strip Israeli forces 
killed four Palestinians. All were members of the armed resistance 
and the killings were targeted assassinations.

Security sources report that Israeli warplanes fired missiles in two 
separate assaults on the city of Rafah.  Eyewitnesses said that the 
first attack targeted the car in which two members of the Al Qassam 
Brigades were riding.

An Israeli military reconnaissance plane fired at least two missiles 
into the car, killing two Palestinians from the Hamas linked 
resistance group. Medical sources report that in the attack Israeli 
forces injured eight other people.

Shortly after, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft bombed another car 
that was traveling on a residential street in Rafah. The attack 
instantly killed another member of the Al Qassam Brigades and wounded 
the fourth man who later died of sustained injuries.

Residents said they heard a series of explosions marking the death of 
the four and the injury of 12 others in total.

Medical sources report that the dead are Ahmed Ta'lab, Ahmed Ashour, 
Mohammad Nasser and Rajah Al Sheeti. All were affiliated with Al 
Qassam Brigades, the armed resistance wing of the Hamas party.

Hopes high with the possibility of political prisoner release
(Nablus) Amin Abu Wardeh
Wednesday, 06 September 2006

The frequent news reports regarding a possible prisoners release is 
giving renewed hope to many Palestinians. Negotiations for an 
exchange are in the works.

The Israeli government is expected to  release 800 Palestinian 
political prisoners, down from the original 1,200, in exchange for 
the Israeli soldier captured while he invaded the southern Gaza Strip 
earlier this summer. Times have been so dismal that this news of a 
mere possibility is raising morale through the roof.

Israeli political sources have finally confirmed news reports that 
they have been denying for days. The reports include details of the 
terms of the possible agreement. The deal is sponsored by the 
Egyptian government and includes 800 Palestinians to be released from 
Israeli jails in three stages. The first phase includes releasing 300 
political prisoners in direct exchange for the Israeli soldier. The 
second phase, to be implemented after two months, will release 
another 300 Palestinians, and the third phase is slated to take place 
at year's end when 200 political prisoners will be released.

Tamam Attallah says she is hoping that her brother, Abdel Nasser Issa 
Attallah will be released. "The only solution is for all of the 
prisoners to be released, especially those serving lengthy sentences. 
It is the only way for people to be able to begin realizing their 
hopes and aspirations."

Jamil Hawaiti is praying for Palestinian children to be released from 
Israeli jails, including his young son who was recently sentenced to 
several years as a political prisoner.

One mother is hoping that her son will be released so that he can 
take the secondary school examination. Another mother, with four sons 
in Israeli prisons, says she is optimistic that at least one of her 
children will be released.

The deal has also raised hopes for Palestinian Legislative Council 
member Hussam Khader's family. He has been a political prisoner for 
years and is missing out on his life, including his brother's funeral 
after he died in Jordan last month. Khader said that all Palestinian 
officials must be released including ministers and members of 
Parliament, and that children, women, and elderly prisoners cannot 
remain in Israeli prisons.

The Palestinian Initiative for Deepening Global Dialogue and 
Democracy says that releasing Palestinian political prisoners is one 
of the most important factors in building trust for the Palestinian 
people. It would serve as a message, says the Initiative, that the 
Israeli government is serious about stopping its violations of human 
rights law.

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