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Fri Jun 30 13:54:59 EDT 2006

Stop the U.S.-Israeli Assault on the People of Palestine!



End the Siege of Gaza / End All U.S. Aid to Israel / Boycott Israeli Goods

The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) launched a 
brutal assault on the entire population of Gaza 
in the early morning hours of June 28. 
U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter-bombers destroyed the 
main power station in Gaza and destroyed bridges 
on the only major roads linking the northern and 
southern sections of the region. Round-the-clock 
Israeli artillery shelling is taking place. Most 
of the people of Gaza are now without water and 
electricity – Palestinians are dying. The use of 
U.S. planes and other military equipment against 
illegally occupied land is a violation of both 
international and U.S. law. In a further act of 
act of colonial aggression, the IOF has arrested 
a third of the members of the Palestinian Authority governing body.

While a great  outcry is heard in the mass media 
about one captured Israeli soldier, the same 
media pays no attention whatsoever to the 9,000 
Palestinian political prisoners being held 
illegally under terrible conditions in Israeli 
prisons. All of them were abducted by the IOF. At 
least 335 of these prisoners are children. 
Palestinian prisoners are systematically tortured 
by Israel, the only country in the world that has legalized torture.

Deliberately attacking the civilian population, 
with the intent of causing maximum suffering, is 
clearly a crime against humanity. What we are 
witnessing today in Gaza is collective punishment 
-- a war crime under international law -- against the entire population.

Israel's racist apartheid system and the latest 
assault on Gaza is supported by the Bush regime, 
Congress and the corporate media, because of 
Israel's vital role in Washington's project of 
Middle East domination. Israel receives more 
military and economic aid from the U.S. -- over 
$3 billion annually -- than any other country. 
Without that aid and support it receives from 
Washington, Israel could not carry out its crimes 
against the Palestinian people.

Sponsored by Al-Awda


The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

To endorse please send an email to: <mailto:host at al-awda.org>host at al-awda.org

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