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Zionist Designs on Lebanon

By Ismail Zayid

Al-Jazeerah, July 27, 2006

Zionist designs on Lebanon are longstanding. At the Versailles Peace 
Conference, in Paris, in 1919, the World Zionist Organisation 
submitted its official plan for the creation of a Jewish state in 
Palestine. The submitted map included the entire area of Palestine, 
the Southern part of Lebanon to the Litani River, the Syrian Golan 
Heights and the East Bank of the Jordan River, to the railway line. 
This design explains clearly the continuing expansionist Zionist 
programme which, so far, has accomplished the control of all of 
Palestine and the Golan Heights.

These designs on Lebanon were formulated with the intent of creating 
dissension amongst the religious groups in Lebanon. This was clearly 
enunciated in the statement by David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime 
minister, who wrote in his diaries, on May 21,1948:

            " The Achilles heel of the Arab coalition is the Lebanon. 
Muslim supremacy in this country is artificial and can easily  be 
overthrown. A Christian State ought to be set up there, with its 
southern frontier on the River Litani. We would sign a treaty of 
alliance with this state. Then, when we have broken the strength of 
the Arab Legion and bombed Amman, we would wipe out Transjordan; 
after that Syria would fall. And if Egypt still dared to make war on 
us, we would bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo. we should thus end 
the war and would have put paid to Egypt, Assyria and Chaldea on 
behalf of our ancestors." { "The Armed Prophet" By Michael BarZohar.P.139}

These designs continued to be the operating scheme of the Zionist 
movement, as reflected in the following statements by Israel's leaders:

                            " Perhaps... now is the time to bring 
about the creation of a Christian state in our neighbourhood. Without 
our initiative and our vigorous aid this will not be done. It seems 
to me that this is the central duty, or at least one of the central 
duties, of our foreign policy.....We must act in all possible ways to 
bring about radical change in Lebanon......The goal will not be 
reached without a restriction of Lebanon's borders." {Ben Gurion to 
Prime Minister Moshe Sharett,  in a letter dated 27 Feb. 1954.}

In his reply to Ben Gurion's letter, Sharett wrote, March 18, 1954: " 
The transformation of Lebanon in a Christian state as a result of 
outside initiative is unfeasible today. Today, because I don't 
exclude the possibility of accomplishing this aim in the wake of 
shocks that will sweep the Middle East and bring about 
changes......In present conditions, I am afraid that any such attempt 
on our part will be considered as lightheadedness and superficiality, 
or worse as an adventurous speculation upon the wellbeing and 
existence of others."

  Sharett wrote later in his diaries, May 16,1955: " According to 
Dayan the only thing that is necessary is to find an officer, be he 
just a major. We should either conquer his heart or buy him with 
money, to make him agree to declare himself the saviour of the 
Maronite population . Then, the Israeli army will enter Lebanon, will 
occupy the necessary territory and will create a Christian regime 
which will ally itself with Israel. The territory from the litani 
southward will be totally annexed to Israel."

Sharett wrote again in his diaries, on May 28, 1955: " The Chief of 
Staff [Dayan]  continues to insist that we should hire a 
[Lebanese]  officer who will accept to serve as a puppet so that the 
[Israeli] army may 'respond' to his appeal to 'liberate Lebanon from 
its Moslem oppressors'".

These Zionist expansionist designs continued after the Israeli war of 
aggression in 1967, occupying Sinai, the Golan Heights, the West 
Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. Moshe Dayan, 
Minister of Defense, stated [as quoted in "The Times" of London, on 
June 25, 1969] : " Our fathers had reached the frontiers which were 
recognised in the Partition Plan. Our generation reached the 
frontiers of 1949. Now the Six-Day generation have managed to reach 
Suez, Jordan and the Golan Heights. This is not the end. After the 
present ceasefire lines, there will be new ones. They will extend 
beyond Jordan, perhaps to Lebanon and perhaps to central Syria as well."

Thus we see clearly the expansionist designs articulated by Israel's 
leaders, who will be looking for pretexts to effect them. Thus the 
attack on the Tel Aviv bus, on March 12, 1978, was used to invade 
Lebanon in 1978 and occupy South Lebanon to the Litani River, and the 
use of a Lebanese officer, a Major, was then used. Again the attack 
by Abu Nidal group, on June 5, 1982, on an Israeli diplomat in London 
was again used to invade Lebanon in June 1982, in the war called 
"Peace for Galilee". Israel was claiming that this was to secure 
peace for the Galillee from Palestinian attacks. Yet in fact the 
P.L.O had signed a ceasefire agreement eleven months earlier and 
complied with it, and no attacks on Israel were carried out. But the 
expansionist designs on Lebanon needed achievement, and any pretext 
would serve Israel's designs.

Thus, again, we see the capture of the two Israeli soldiers by 
Hizbullah on July 12, 2006, is being used to invade Lebanon and 
demolish its infrastructure, murdering hundreds of innocent civilians 
so as to control South Lebanon to the Litani River, as designed as 
far back as 1919.

Dr. Ismail Zayid lives in Canada.

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