[News] Ladies and gentlemen, I did not want to burden you with the troubles of war but...

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Fri Jul 14 08:45:54 EDT 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, I did not want to burden 
you with the troubles of war but...
Zena el-Khalil writing from Beirut, Lebanon, Live from Palestine, 13 July 2006



Bombing the global village: Syrian Mubashir TV 
images of Israeli TV images of Israeli airforce 
bombcams showing the bombing of Beirut. In the 
Arab world ­ not to mention in Lebanon itself ­ 
people were glued to their television sets in 
horror at Israel's decimation of the civilian infrastructure. (EI)

For the last half hour or so, I have been 
watching the skyline outside my balcony. It is on fire. It's 4:14am.

At 3:28am this morning, I woke up to the sound of 
Israeli jets flying low over our skies in Beirut. 
I was just beginning to finally fall asleep, had 
racing thoughts in my mind all night, cramps in 
my stomach, fear... Just as I thought I was going 
to fall asleep, I heard the sound of jets, 
followed by one explosion after another.

It has calmed down now. I hear morning prayers in the distance.

I am at home with some friends who have taken 
refugee with us. A lot of them foreigners. We are 
trying to explain... Who, what, why... But, we're 
also trying to be normal. Because being normal is 
what got Lebanese through 20 some years of war. 
We are joking about how the airport is on fire 
because of all the alcohol in the duty free. We are trying to be normal.

Up until now, Israel has done the following:

blown up our international airport, runways, and 
gas tanks for planes. No one can leave or enter 
the country. blown up small military domestic 
airports (both in the north and south) blown up 
all bridges and roads linking beirut to the south 
blown up areas/villages of the south, everything 
from the deep south to saida blown up ... As I 
type this now, another jet is flying by, it is so 
loud ... Continue... Blown up the suburbs 
(Dahiye).. Three missiles blown up the 
Beirut-Damascus road at several points we are 
surrounded at sea as well, there are military ships launching attacks

...Not watching TV anymore, but I know there is so much more going on.

Thousands evacuated their homes from the south 
today. They had to walk for miles because their 
cars could not cross the highway.

Another jet and another explosion. This is all 
going into Dahiyeh. I can see the red 
anti-aircraft tracer bullets being shot in 
retaliation. Pointless. The weapons Hizbullah 
have are old and out dated World War II left 
overs from Russia... No match for Israeli technology.

Newest update, it's 4:26am, Israelis are 
attacking the city, Saida, from sea. They are 
targeting the bridge that connects to Saida.

Another really loud bomb. My heart is racing. I can only pretend to be brave.

Everything that is happening now is because 
Israel is trying to wipe out any trace of 
Hizballah in Lebanon. In the process of doing all 
this, they have wiped out our infrastructure. Our 
roads, bridges, etc., civilian homes, innocent lives.

It's 4:32am and I have a knot in my stomach. I am 
praying they don't hit the electricity. I want my 
Internet. I think it's the only thing that will help me stay normal.

Latest update: 9 missile raids into Dahiyeh in 
the last hour. There are now several parts of Beirut without electricity.

I am praying for the people in Dahiyeh... Another 
really really loud bomb. I guess that makes it 10 now.

I am angry now. The things that cross your 
mind... I just set up a new installation last 
week, now, noone will get to see it.

I was just about ready to launch an international 
residency program here... Not going to happen now.

Was just planning to start a family... who wants to get pregnant now?

Ladies and gentlemen, I did not want to burden 
you with the troubles of war but I think it is 
really important that the world knows what is 
going on. We are under attack by Israel. It is 
unjust and unfair. I wonder what the media coverage is like out there.

All this must end. Israel must be stopped. This 
is so unjust and unfair. Everything we've worked 
on for the past 10 years is gone now. So, so, so 
unjust and unfair. We had so many cultural events 
planned for the summer... exhibits... concerts... plays, etc. ­ all gone.

Dear friends, pray for us. For this madness to 
end. Pray for the Lebanese people to stick 
through this together and not lose their cool.

Believe it or not, the sun is beginning to rise 
and I actually hear birds chirping.

With love,
Zena el-Khalil

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