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Once in a While the True Victims of Israel Strike Back

By Mary Ethridge

Al-Jazeerah, July 3, 2006

Too bad the world seems to think the "kidnapped" young man was a 
civilian. Fact is- he is a prisoner of war. He was part of the 
Israeli occupation forces (IOF sitting outside of the Gaza Strip 
pounding her with shells days and night for weeks and killing 
innocent civilians day after day. He is a prisoner of war....just as 
surly as every Palestinian who has been taken by force from his home 
and neighborhood area.

The IOF was amassed for days and even weeks on these borders 
enforcing blockades of food and Medicines. Inhibiting the moving of 
the people. Disturbing sleep for weeks on end....day and night 
destroying cows and roads, and now bridges and power plants, 
government offices and training camps, and mothers and babies.

He was a part of a tank crew doing this. He was fair game for a 
daring commando raid to fight for the families being killed each day. 
It was a gutsy defense move. But it is being milked for all it's 
worth by the perennial victim, Israel. Forget what they have been 
doing for the past 59 years, or 38 years, or even the last weeks. 
Forget they were poised to enter Gaza and have been threatening for 
weeks. Forget this was a soldier who's being dishonored and talked 
about like he was a civilian kidnapped off the street in some Israeli 
city instead of from his post in a war zone, enforcing an illegal 
occupation, and aiding in the suffering, malnutrition, and death of 
many inside of Gaza Strip.

The Israelis and the media are dishonoring a military man. Yes at 19 
he is a military man. If you don't like that, then stop using young 
people from all over the world as soldiers in war that is really 
older than they are. He is a prisoner of war. He is not a kidnapped 
victim unless every Palestinian is also a kidnapped victim from the 
illegal occupation forces they are trying to defend their people 
against. That means about 1/4 of all Palestinians for the last 59 
years have been kidnapped victims and cold blooded murder victims 
above that. The current Palestinian government officials kidnapped 
from their homes and off the street are terror victims. Victims of 
Israeli terror stealing their land and killing their families for 
several generations now.

It is time to start calling it like it is. It is Israel who has been 
breaking international law. It is Israel who steals land and has 
never set her borders so she can keep stealing more land. It is 
Israel who holds in excess of 9,000 Palestinians in her well known 
terror institutions where torture is practiced with impunity. 
Hundreds of these prisoners are women and children.

Isn't it about time to tell it like it is and stop embarrassing a 
young military man by calling him a victim. He is a soldier in a war. 
Being taken prisoner is always a possibility in that position. I do 
feel bad for him and his family. It is terrifying. But it is a 
logical consequence of being in an army working to destroy an entire 
civilian population who has lived under the terror of occupation and 
suffering for 59 years.

This is the logical price of occupation and war. He is a prisoner of 
war. Don't demean him. Call it what it is. He is a soldier and as 
such he knew his life and liberty were always on the line. Every 
Palestinian knows that position well. It is time for Israel to know 
and admit this is how it is in war. They endanger their youth. They 
kill their neighbors and cousins. They steal land. They terrorize 
civilians and little children.

And once in a while the true victims strike back.

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