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Mon Aug 7 08:48:09 EDT 2006

From: "Ray Jureidini" <rayj3 at optusnet.com.au>

Please send this mail to all your friends, particularly in the USA.

Dear America,

A nation is more then a set of borders man can re-draw as he pleases... it
is a dream that lives in the heart of it`s people .

My people dream of a democracy that is not brought about by war and a
freedom that cannot be brought about by force .Today ... mothers dream of
bringing their daughters  back to life... fathers dream of rebuilding their
broken homes and seeing their sons grow up safe...

Please watch this video so that you can see the real face of war and
remember that  it is violence and injustice and not peace that are the true
parents of terror and that love has been said to never fail....

Somewhere in your heart you know this because you too once had a dream...

Caroline Malhame


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