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Every year the Puerto Rican Nationalist Youth of New York (youth wing 
of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Junta of New York) sends a 
delegation from the states to Lares, Puerto Rico to participate in 
the "Grito de Lares" celebration.  El Grito de Lares was a rebellion 
against Spanish rule on Sept. 23rd, 1898.  It was the first cry for 
independence, and the beginning of the Puerto Rican independence 
movement.  The PRNY-NY leads a delegation of youths from the states 
on pilgrimage to Lares to reaffirm our dedication to the struggle for 
independence and to maintain and establish strong connections to our 
roots, culture, and nation.
This past Grito de Lares celebration ended on a sad note, due to the 
FBI assassination of el Comandante Filiberto Ojeda Rios.  In an 
attempt to silence the independence movement, the U.S. sent their own 
terrorist organization (the F.B.I.) to assassinate Filiberto Ojeda 
Rios.  Instead of silence, what they did was leave the movement with 
our very own "Che Guevara" and gave way for the unity amongst 
independence organizations that Filiberto asked for in his final 
message to Lares.

Below is a link to a clip from the film the Puerto Rican Nationalist 
Youth of NY are in the process of producing of our trip to Lares '05 
and the events that followed.

Windows Media:

For more info on the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Junta of NY visit 
our site at:

To contact the PR Nationalist Youth of NY directly:
<mailto:info at jnp-ny.org>info at jnp-ny.org

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