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Wed Nov 16 14:09:46 EST 2005

Friday, December 2nd
12 - 2 pm
Oakland Federal Building
1301 Clay Street

Saturday, December 3, 2005
7 pm
First Unitarian Church
14th and Castro, Oakland


Join us in Oakland on Friday, December 2nd for a 
day of action in support of political prisoners 
all over the world, and for an evening event on December 3rd.

There are over 8,000 Palestinian political 
prisoners being held in Israel, and over 1,000 
Haitian political prisoners. There are hundreds 
of American political prisoners in US jails all 
over the country and abroad. Thousands are being 
held in Indonesia. In Mexico there are right now 
over 500 political prisoners, many of whom are 
indigenous peoples. In Turkey there are more than 
8,000 political prisoners. Many are from the 
Kurdish national struggle, and many leaders and 
militants from the revolutionary movement are 
being held in complete isolation, drawing on 
measures and torture techniques imported from the 
US, Europe, and Israel. In response to escalating 
human rights violations, activists from around 
the world have decided to initiate a Day in 
Solidarity with Political Prisoners 
Worldwide.  Donato Continente, a recently 
released political prisoner from the Philippines 
explained:  "It's time we took a united and 
international approach to the freeing of 
political activists and freedom fighters – it's 
essential that we share our experiences and that 
we mount international campaigns."

Former Black Panther leader and Yale Law School 
Professor KATHLEEN CLEAVER will headline the 
Saturday night event. " It's essential to work 
for the freedom of those still imprisoned because 
of their contributions to the human rights 
struggle within the U.S., particularly in these 
days of intensified government surveillance of 
and restrictions against dissent...."  Ms Cleaver 
explained.   Puerto Rican Independentista ALICIA 
RODRIGUEZ, who was pardoned by President Clinton 
after 19 years in prison, will join Ms. 
Cleaver.  The event will also feature 
representatives from Haiti, Palestine, the Philippines and the Cuban 5.

These events will be preceded by a film festival, 
Political Convictions:  Liberating Political 
Prisoners with showings from Monday, November 28 
through Thursday, December 1st at New College, 
San Francisco, and Laney College, Oakland.

For more information contact: intdaysolpp at yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.ppsolidarity.revolt.org/

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