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November 10, 2005

Where is the Outcry?

Haiti: Insanity Takes Over, While the Selection Continues


According to the puppet administration and its 
supporters, there will be a so-called election in 
Haiti later this year to normalize the situation 
since the ouster of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 
February 2004. No official dates have been set 
yet. The Boniface/Latortue regime has been ruling 
the country like a jungle. They have no respect 
for any enlightened principles. Being emboldened 
by the continuing support of their masters is all 
that matters. Thanks to the technocratic 
revolution, the country has been transformed into a no man,s land.

If indeed the election were to go as planned, the 
technocrats have no concerns about the means as 
long as they have the assurance of the UN 
Security Council, the OAS and the United States 
that the new president will take office on 
February 7, 2006. No problem if polling stations 
are not installed in the poor neighborhoods and 
most rural areas. Afterwards, the slums only make 
10% of the electorate, according to the electoral 
council. No problem if the so-called national ID 
cards are not available to all voters an official 
of the electoral body has recently confessed that 
voters might have to use the receipts if the 
cards are not ready. Thus, Haiti has become the 
only country where one can predict a miracle and 
where technocrats no longer pay attention to 
causes and effect but rely on fiction.

This is a fictitious administration. As a 
byproduct of unconstitutional maneuverings, all 
their actions must be measured and viewed against 
such a backdrop not through constitutional and 
legal lenses. They defy all logic and sanity. 
Where else would a so-called independent 
candidate petition the highest court on the land 
without a defending party whereas the court would 
rule in his favor without hearing the other 
side's arguments? Where else can a government 
detain former administration officials without 
charges, wake them up at 4:00 o,clock in the 
morning and bring them to another jurisdiction in 
order to face charges for the first time? In what 
country could UN peacekeepers raid the slums at 
3:00 AM, open fire and kill many while there is 
no major outcry and media coverage about it? 
Where else would the police, supported by the UN 
mission, enter a church during a funeral, arrest 
an assaulted priest while the assaulting mob goes 
free? The priest will be incarcerated and later 
charged for the murder of the person he was about 
to process the funeral! Welcome to the new Haiti.

While we are talking about fiction, in real life, 
people are being killed for no apparent reason. 
The rampant surge in violence has reached an 
unprecedented level. People,s living conditions 
are worsening day after day with no end in sight. 
Never before in the history of the country, have 
we witnessed such a chaos. And according to the 
administration, the only way out of this mess is 
to proceed with the election, which has become 
the ultimate panacea for all Haiti,s troubles.

Who in their right mind would even dare to 
promote election in such a chaotic context? Who 
is going to participate in that charade where 
more than 60% of the people will be excluded? But 
the so-called election is not about the majority, 
it is about capturing the presidency for and by a 
minority, which is crying foul following the 
announcement of a Haitian-American entering the race.

There are currently 34 presidential candidates in 
the race the electoral body (CEP) has not issued 
an official list yet - but in reality the 
upcoming selection is between two U.S.-backed 
candidates: the representative of the Group 184, 
Charles Henri Baker and the Millionaire 
expatriate, Dumarsais Siméus who sits on the 
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush,s Haiti Task Force. All 
indications are leading to the latter as the most 
favorite. No longer interested in supporting the 
traditional and corrupted elite to run the 
country, the United States has decided to change 
course by supporting an inexperienced candidate 
who lacks local support. After all, the United 
States influence in the country's internal 
affairs has a long history. When security 
arrangements for the President and other high 
officials are being contracted at the U.S. 
embassy, there is no need to argue about who is really in control.

Siméus candidacy has become a litmus test for the 
puppet regime, which is now under tremendous 
pressure from both its supporters. On the one 
hand, the United States is pushing for Siméus and 
on the other hand, the traditional elite are 
looking for ways to keep him out of the ballot. 
Such challenge can ruin the organization of the 
election and unless the technocratic regime drops 
its opposition to Siméus, it can be used as a 
pretext to finally put Haiti under total control 
of the UN where Siméus would likely be the top 
administrator. The backers of the current regime 
have been denying it for months but all 
indications are proving otherwise. The UN 
Security Council resolution that granted MINUSTAH 
complete control of the local police and the 
security apparatus is one step in that direction.

The situation in Haiti must be viewed in a 
broader context. We are now living in an 
Orwellian time. When your supporters are 
clamoring that election can be held even though 
in reality it is foolish - you have no choice but 
to follow. Otherwise, you will be history just 
like your predecessor. This is where we are now 
in Haiti. Nothing matters anymore. Nothing makes 
sense. Welcome to our newest wonderland, the land of insanity.

Lucson Pierre-Charles, a native of Haiti, now 
lives in Maryland. He can be reached at: 
<mailto:lpierrecharles at yahoo.com>lpierrecharles at yahoo.com

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