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Against terrorism, in defense of humanity: an appeal

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In view of the recommendations made at the International “Against 
Terrorism, For Peace and Justice” Symposium, the undersigned, members of 
the “In Defense of Humanity” network of networks, have reviewed the 
denunciations, proposals and reports submitted by the 681 participants from 
67 countries who met in Havana on 2, 3 and 4 June 2005, and make a call to 
create a movement against terrorism that will denounce and condemn the age 
of terror spawned by the United States in our hemisphere, affecting us 
since the second half of the 20th century.

The moving testimonies of victims and their relatives and the 
well-documented reports of respected jurists, statespeople, journalists, 
economists and other intellectuals committed to the defense of human 
rights, allowed us to reconstruct the history of terrorist actions, 
committed with impunity, which numerous US administrations perpetrated in 
Souther Cone countries, Central America and the Caribbean, in complicity 
with Latin American and Caribbean leaders, armies and police forces.

The people have a right to know the truth. Those who wage a genocidal war 
in the name of a war on terrorism must not be allowed to cover up their 
systematic use of the most perverse of terrorist methods against the 
peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. There is an urgent need to 
break the silence which shrouds the past, present and forseeable future of 
this criminal policy.

It is impossible to suppress the intimate, proven and documented ties of 
international terrorsits to the US White House,  State Department and 
intelligence services. One cannot forget the atrocious consequences of 
Operation Condor, that International of Terror, as Nobel Prize for Peace 
recipient Adolfo Pérez Esquivel would call it, nor those of the dirty war 
waged in Central America and the Caribbean. The crimes of those who have 
worked for the CIA and of the high officials of successive US 
administrations cannot go unpunished.

George H. W. Bush, father of the current US leader, must be held 
accountable, as ex CIA director, for the creation, with Cuban born 
terrorists, of CORU, an organization responsible for the assassination of 
ex Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Orlando Letelier and the murder of 
US citizen Ronnie Moffit, the midair bombing of a civilian plane with 73 
people on board and other crimes against humanity. The same terrorists 
collaborated with Pinochet’s DINA, and other repressive bodies of South 
American military dictatorships, in the planning and execution of Operation 
Condor. Then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger must also be held 
accountable for these genocidal crimes.

The close ties of Florida’s current governor, Jeb Bush, to the Cuban 
American National Foundation and other terrorist groups based in Miami must 
be denounced. These organizations made a decisive contribution to the 
fraudulent electoral victory of his brother in the 2000 presidential 
elections; they financed terrorist actions against Cuban tourist 
facilities, actions Posada Carriles admitted to in an interview for the New 
York Times and American television, the latter’s “pardon” in Panama and his 
stay in the United States the past two months; they organized and financed 
his escape from a Venezuelan prison and coordinated his work with the White 
House in Iran-Contra and US-supported state-terrorist and dirty war 
strategies in Central America. Today more than ever, we must denounce this 
long-standing network of accomplices which sustains the impunity and the 
protection illegally granted by US authorities to Luis Posada Carriles, 
ignoring the well-founded extradition request submitted by the Bolivarian 
Republic of Venezuela. It is the same protection they have offered an hope 
to maintain for Orlando Bosch, securing impunity for his crimes.

We must reveal the terrorist nature of the alliance that, against the 
interests of the American people, the Bush dynasty has established with the 
Miami mob and which dishonours the memory of those who perished on 11 
September 2001 and in the name of a supposed war on terrorism. The US 
people, who mobilized against fascism in World War II  and contributed to 
ending the Vietnam war, who supported the civil rights struggle and the 
return of Elián González to Cuba, must be informed, through all the mass 
media, about the criminal actions of its government.

The impunity of terrorists cannot continue. No crime can go unpunished.


    * Establish an Anti-Terrorist Observatory for the hemisphere.
    * Create a data base which gathers information on these genocidal 
    * Prepare and publish an Encyclopedia on Terrorism in the hemisphere, 
to include the essential concepts and categories, the background of the 
genocidal agents, repressive bodies and terrorists involved, a chronology 
of these criminal actions and a description of the national and 
supra-national components of the terror apparatus.
    * Create a collection of works on historical memory and terrorism.
    * Create the “Against Terrorism, in Defense of Humanity” Hemisphere 
Court, to be made up of prestigious jurists, intellectuals and human rights 
activists, to try Henry Kissenger, George Herbert Walker Bush, Jeb Bush, 
George Walker Bush and the following current or ex State Department or 
National Security Council officials  Oliver North, John Dimitri Negroponte 
and Otto Reich, for setting in motion and encouraging state terrorism in 
Latin America, the Caribbean and even the United States, in flagrant 
violation of international and US law, putting the lives of their own 
citizens in danger; for recruiting, training and financing terrorist groups 
and for the protection they have offered and continue to offer Orlando 
Bosch, Luis Posada Carriles and other renowned perpetrators of criminal 
actions that have claimed the lives of ten of thousands of innocent people.

The work of this court will be handled by four commissions: a commission 
for the gathering of testimonies and documentary evidence; for research and 
analysis; for technical and juridical matters and for information and 

This is the commitment assumed in Havana: to defend ethical values and 
dignity, in defiance of brute force and terror, and to carry out law and 
justice. All voices must be raised against these crimes. We shall not rest 
until the murderers are tried and convicted. Silence only benefits 
terrorists and those who protect them. We shall not rest until the path is 
cleared for truth. As Fidel has said: “Humanity yearns for justice”.

Havana, 10 June 2005

Francois Houtart, Belgium; Isabel Parra, Chile;  James Cockcroft, USA; 
Pablo González Casanova, Victor Flores Olea, Gilberto López y Rivas and 
Juan Bañuelo, Mexico; Thiago de Mello, Beto Almeida, Roberto Amaral, Beth 
Carvalho, María Ciavatta and Marilia Guimaraes, Brazil; Roberto Fernandez 
Retamar, Cuba; Marcos Roitman, Manuel Talens, Jaime Losada, Alicia Hermida 
and Carlos Tena, Spain; Miguel Bonasso, Stella  Calloni,  Ana de Skalon, 
Tristán Bauer, Atilio Borón, Néstor Kohan, Carlos Ruta,  Luciano Alzaga and 
Marcelo Cafiso, Argentina; Hernando Calvo Ospina, Colombia; Jorge Sanjinés, 
Bolivia; Antonio Pecci, Paraguay; Raúl Pérez Torres, Ecuador; Gennaro 
Carotenuto, Italy; Tarik Souki, Venezuela; Samuel Blixen,  Uruguay.

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