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Wed Jun 15 14:13:57 EDT 2005

BAYAN USA asks the general community to particpate in the defense of 
Political Prisoners Donato Continente.  Details of the case are included 
below.  Please share this message with friends and family.  Please sign on 
to the BAYAN USA news list by sending an email 
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BAYAN USA is an alliance of anti-imperialist Filipino organizations in the 
U.S., organizing for social and economic justice. As the only international 
chapter of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), it serves as an information 
bureau for the national democratic movement of the Philippines.


Dear All,

Warmest greetings!

As the Oust GMA steps up, there is another campaign that will be launched 
June 18, Saturday, Manila time, and will end June 28.

This is the 10-day campaign for the

release of political prisoner, Donato "Donat"


On June 28, 2005, Donat shall have unjustly served his maximum term of 17 

Donat has been unjustly accused of having killed the Jusmag officer, former 
Vietnam war POW Colonel James Rowe, a US army intellegence agent and 
trainor posing as a diplomat. In addition to the forced and untrue 
extrajudicial confession, the only basis of his conviction by the trial 
court was the lone incredible testimony of a dubious witness who is now a 
resident of the US.

Donat was sentenced to prison under the administration of former President 
Cory Aquino. He was then a technical staff member of the Philippine 
Collegian, the students' newspaper of the University of the Philippines, 
Diliman, and a member of Kadena, community youth organization, at the time 
of his arrest.

He was severely tortured by officers and men from the National Bureau of 
Investigation and was coerced to sign a prepared extrajudicial confession 
without the assistance of counsel of his choice.

He was originally meted by the trial court with a penalty of reclusion 
perpetua (maximum of 40 years) but on appeal to the Supreme Court 
questioning the factual and legal bases for his being implicated, his 
sentence was lowered to 17 years.

Two past Philippine Presidents - Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada - would not 
release him upon dictation of former US President William Clinton and first 
time President and incumbent George W. Bush because according to the 
latter, "he is a terrorist" and to do so "will have adverse effect on 
relations with the US."

Will rabid US puppet President Gloria M. Arroyo release Donat even if 
George Bush will again make the same demand?

This is one of the rationale for the June 18-June 28 campaign.

Thus, we urge for your support for the release of Donat, especially if PGMA 
will stall his freedom.

Please forward this email to others.

There is absolutely no legal basis anymore (even from the framework of the 
government) for Donat to stay unjustly in prison any second longer.

Free Donat Continente!

Free All Political Prisoners!

Rita T. Baua

International Relations Officer


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San Francisco, CA 94110
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