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Fri Jun 10 13:45:39 EDT 2005

Evo Morales Calls Bolivia to Resist Vaca Diez

La Paz, Jun 9 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the Movement Towards Socialism 
(MAS) Evo Morales called the Bolivian people to reject Congress Leader 
Hormando Vaca Diez as successor of resigning President Carlos Mesa by 
putting up civilian and democratic resistance.

Morales said Vaca Diez is unsuitable for President because he is 
authoritarian, neoliberal and pro-US. He has concocted a state of emergency 
to set up a bloody repression which he hopes to implement by succeeding Mesa.

Since he has remained deaf to the people's demands and to prevent the 
crisis from growing worse, Morales called to increase road blocks, 
protests, strikes and other actions that have kept the capital and El Alto 
municipality under siege since May 16.

He added that his call, issued from the southern city of Sucre, where he is 
to attend an extraordinary Congressional session, is aimed at sweeping away 
the political Mafia that has run the country for many decades, adding that 
Vaca Diez is part of it.

"This is why he is unsuitable to run Bolivia, because he has strong ties 
with the US embassy, oil transnationals, and the bloody regime of Gonzalo 
Sanhez de Losada," he said, referring to the president ousted in October 
2003 by popular resistance under a similar crisis.

Amid this situation, the Armed Forces have been declared on maximum alert 
and are said to "be ready to act to preserve national sovereignty, the law 
and to defend democracy".

Argentinean counterpart Nestor Kirchner has sent former Deputy Foreign 
Minister Raul Alconada Sempe (1983-89) as special envoy, following a 
request from President Carlos Mesa for Argentina, Brazil and the UN to act 
as mediators.

Raul Alconada Sempe flew to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where he will join UN 
Assistant Secretary for Economic and Social Affair, Jose Antonio Ocampo, 
and Brazilian presidential advisor Marcelo Aurelio Garcia.


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