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situation in Seattle is merely one of many examples of the FBI's campaign 
against the New Left. Two agents, W. Mark Felt and Edward Miller, admitted 
to a grand jury that they had authorized illegal break-ins and burglaries 
against friends and relatives of Weather Underground fugitives. A 25-year 
FBI veteran, M. Wesley Swearingen, claimed that the FBI routinely lied to 
Congress about the number of break-ins and wiretaps: "I myself actually 
participated in more than 238 while assigned to the Chicago office, [which] 
conducted thousands of bag jobs." Swearingen charged that agents had lied 
to a Washington grand jury about the number, locations, and duration of 
illegal practices in pursuit of the Weather Underground.[10] FBI director 
William Webster disciplined only six of the 68 agents referred to him by 
the Justice Department. Felt and Miller were convicted in 1980, and a few 
months later were pardoned by President Reagan. Today the FBI can still use 
these same techniques, simply by mislabeling their targets as foreign 
agents or terrorists.

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