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Manifiesto firmado por Noam Chomsky, Rigoberta Menchú, Adolfo Pérez
Esquivel. Nadine Gordimer y Salim Lamrani.
El proposito es difundirlo, no se piden adhesiones.


For over a century the United States has intervened, made war,
imposed imperialist treaties against the rights of the Cuba people to
sovereignty of their country.

In 1897, when Cuba was nearing victory in the Second War of
Independence from Spain, Theodore Roosevelt urged the USA President
McKinley to intervene.

In 1898, the USA declared war against Spain to prevent Cuba
from gaining its independence.

In 1901, among other forced measures to codify control of Cuba,
including that "the U.S. may intervene militarily at any time", was the 
outrageous edict that Cuba must sell or lease to a foreign state, the U.S.,
"lands necessary for coaling or naval stations at certain specific points".
Outrageous because these turned out to be or were always intended to be
the invasion and annexation of a country's territory by a foreign state.

Guantanamo was a "specific point". A U.S. naval base was built
there with the consequences we all know. The poverty of the ex-colonial
country was unashamedly exploited by democratic USA with the annual
handout of 2 000 dollars in gold, on the righteous premise that it is the 
privilege of a rich power to buy anything, including part of another country.
Since 1959 Cuba has not accepted the handout.

What use this virtual theft of a sovereign territory has been put to
eventually is the shame and disgrace of the United States and also of the
contemporary world, which, intimidated by U.S. power, turns a blind eye to
the prison that has been blatantly established in somebody else's country.
The horrifyingly inhuman conditions of isolation, deprivation and torture in
this medieval prison, condemned by Amnesty International and an
increasing number of human rights organisations, continue to be
perpetrated by the foreign power, the U.S.A., which has no right to be

There are many desecrations of human rights taking place in our
world. Many involve conflicts of great complexity, religious, factional; it is
immensely difficult to create just solutions to them.

Guantanamo is the outstanding exception.

The just solution is simple.

All and every state, community, above all every individual in this
world declared one of global responsibility, who subscribes to the truth that
only in justice can real humanity exist between nations and peoples, must
demand, in that name, that the U.S.A. leave Guantanamo unconditionally.


Nadine Gordimer, Salim Lamrani, Noam Chomsky,
Rigoberta Menchú, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel.


Enviado por:
Armando Rama Martell
Oficina del Capitulo Cubano
"En defensa de la Humanidad"

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