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Published: Friday, August 26, 2005
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There are just too many 'pendejos' speaking of Chavez in Washington D.C.

VHeadline.com contributor Jeff Archer writes: Last year, President Hugo 
Chavez called George Bush a 'pendejo' in a broadcast to the Venezuelan people.

'Pendejo' is one of those fabulous words that grace languages and can 
depict various meanings. In this case it could depict 'an untrustworthy or 
deceitful person.' But, it could also carry a more crass interpretation.

A journalist who is familiar with the Spanish language told me that in 
colloquial Venezuelan Spanish, Chavez probably meant “stupid b*****d.”

Many Americans have proven to be 'pendejos' in speaking of Chavez...

In January 2005, Condoleezza Rice called Chavez “troubling” in her 
Secretary of State confirmation hearings. Last week, Don Rumsfeld, while 
touring Latin America criticized Chavez. Then, a few days ago, preacher Pat 
Robertson, in a brotherly 'Christian' manner, called for the assassination 
of Chavez.

Chavez has never started a war ... he has never even threatened to...

Under Chavez, Venezuela has greatly increased its literacy rate ... and, 
certain areas of the country have had diseases eradicated that were once 
deadly mainstays.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about the programs the country has 
instituted for physical fitness for its senior citizens ... again, another 
great success.

Despite one’s politics, it is hard to criticize Chavez and the wonderful 
job he has done as President to eradicate hunger, poverty and illiteracy in 
his country. Even the rich businesses that once predicted doom with a 
Chavez presidency have backed off because their impending demise never 

But, he is the bogeyman in the face of US officials.

Then again, let’s look at the government individuals who have denigrated 
him ... Rice, Bush, Rumsfeld, and company ... not one could pass a lie 
detector test if asked questions about their statements on going to war 
against Iraq. An oft-stated question was asked during the Nixon presidency 
and I will repeat it here ... I will only change one word by using the 
plural of the word “him” ... “Would you buy a used car from them?”

Now, let’s look at Robertson ... he has millions of followers and has 
predicted the end of the world through biblical prophecy ... he has called 
the prophet Mohamed a terrorist. He has vilely denigrated atheists and 
Moslems, as well as Christians who do not agree with him.

Robertson’s reason for calling for the assassination of Chavez are for US 
national security. According to him, Chavez is going to make Venezuela “a 
launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism.” There we go 
again. The dirty 'commies' and their Muslim allies have to go ... we must 
get them before they get us ... and, Chavez is the kingpin of the intrusion 
of these swarthy individuals into the squeaky-clean USA.

I don’t blame Robertson as much as I do the administration for his stupid 
use of illogic. His call for Chavez’ demise is merely an extension of the 
words that have been used against the Venezuelan President by various 
administration officials. Lawmakers other than Rice, Rumsfeld and Bush have 
used vile words in assessing Chavez.
    * At the time of Robertson’s statement, Chavez was in Cuba with the 
dastardly communist, Fidel Castro. Were they planning a diabolical plot to 
undermine the security of the US? No, they were celebrating the first 
graduating class of the Latin American Medical School in Havana.

Six years ago, the institution began operating. Its concept is simple: 
students from low-income families in 28 countries gained a free education 
and were trained as doctors. Thirty of the students were from the US ... 
the first graduating class consisted of 1,498 members.

According to an August 22, 2005 article by Inter Press Service:

One of the school’s aims is to provide world-class academic and 
professional training while respecting and preserving the culture, ethnic 
and religious identity of every single student.

The cost of the training is covered by Cuba’s socialist government, on the 
condition that they return to their home countries upon graduating to serve 
their communities, many of which are sorely lacking in health care services.

These goals are honorable, yet un-American ... they stand in the way of 
making a handsome profit.

How did Chavez react to Robertson’s call for his assassination? On August 
24, 2005, he offered to help needy US citizens with cheap supplies of 
gasoline. According to Al-Jazeera News, Chavez stated “We want to sell 
gasoline and heating fuel directly to poor communities in the United States.”

The article added: Chavez said Venezuela could supply petrol to Americans 
at half the price they now pay if intermediaries who “speculated 
exploited consumers” were cut out.

Fat chance ... they would be traitors!

The irony of all this is that while Chavez was commemorating the graduation 
of doctors who will help thousands of people live, the US was justifying 
its program of destruction and death in Iraq and threatening Iran with 
military action.

...and Chavez is the bad guy?

There are just too many 'pendejos' in Washington D.C.

Jeff Archer <mailto:lekkerspikkels at msn.com>lekkerspikkels at msn.com

(Note: In an update for this article, Robertson has stated that he did not 
mean to say that Chavez should be assassinated. ... he really meant that he 
should be kidnapped. Robertson may have a point here. The US has botched 
various assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, yet they have been 
successful in kidnapping presidents Manuel Noriega and Saddam Hussein. 
Robertson should bring this up to his buddies in the US administration.)

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