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Subject: Statement by the Venezuelan Ambassador regarding Pat Robertson





Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez on Pat Robertson Declarations

August 23, 2005

We would like [to] thank the American people for the support they have 
offered us in the wake of the Reverend Pat Robertson´s call for the murder 
of our President, Hugo Chávez..  The messages of support have flooded our 
Embassy´s electronic and voice mails.

We are very disappointed with Pat Robertson´s statements over the Christian 
Broadcast Network.  Mr. Robertson is of course no ordinary private 
citizen.  He was a candidate for the GOP´s Presidential nomination in 
1992.  The organization that Mr. Robertson leads, the Christian Coalition, 
claims nearly 2 million members and has a multi million dollar a year 
budget.  In 2000 it was credited with helping George W. Bush win the 
important South Carolina primary and catapulting him to the nomination of 
his party for President.  Mr. Robertson has been one of this President´s 
staunchest allies.  His statement demands the strongest condemnation by the 
White House.

Mr. Robertson´s call that U.S. government covert operatives murder 
President Hugo Chávez is a call to terrorism.  His call that President Bush 
violently impose the outdated Monroe Doctrine on Venezuela is a call for 
American intervention in the sovereign affairs of our democratic country.

The United States may not permit its citizens to use its territory and 
airwaves to incite terrorism abroad and the murder of a democratically 
elected President.  Venezuela demands that the U.S. abide by international 
and domestic law and respect our country and its President.

Pat Robertson´s statement must be condemned in the strongest terms by the 
Bush Administration, and we are concerned about the safety of our 
President.  It´s essential that the U.S. government guarantee his safety 
when he visits this country in the future, including his scheduled visits 
to the United Nations in New York.

 From the messages we have received, it´s clear that Pat Robertson does not 
speak for Christians in the United States, nor even for the Christian 
Coalition, when he calls for the assassination of our President.

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