[News] New Massacre of Residents of Solino by Haitian National Police

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Thu Aug 11 08:42:37 EDT 2005

Urgent Action Alert - Act now to stop the killing...prevent new UN/police 
invasion of Cite Soleil

New Police Massacre of the Poor in Solino Quarter of Haitian Capital

Friends and comrades,
August 10, 2005 -- By now many of you have undoubtedly heard reports of 
on-going killings and massacres in poor neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, 
the latest one apparently conducted by the Haitian police last weekend 
through Monday August 8 in the community of Solino. According to Haitian 
media outlets, quoting Solino residents, many people were killed in a 
brutal invasion of a poor community reminiscent of the assault by UN troops 
on Cite Soleil on July 6th. The source said that so-called "attaches" or 
paramilitary death-squad elements participated with the police in the 
assault, which targeted supporters of the majority Lavalas political movement.

Haitian media organizations, quoting Solino residents, reported that 
machetes were being distributed out of a National Police car to individuals 
attached to the national police. Solino residents described in horrific 
detail the dismembered bodies of a number of people, particularly young 
women, with body parts being placed in black plastic bags, and that this 
morning in a ditch in Solino, dogs had broken into some of the bags to eat 
the body parts. Women are being targeted by police and the "attaches" 
because so many strong Lavalas community leaders are women, and because 
women are playing a leading role in the pro-democracy movement.

Now there are reports from Port-au-Prince that yet another assault on Cite 
Soleil is being planned, either by UN troops or by the police or 
both.  Bear in mind that by recent decree of the UN Security Council, 
MINUSTAH (the UN Mission in Haiti) is now officially in charge of the 
Haitian National Police, and therefore bears responsibility for the 
indiscriminate killings by the police in Solino this past weekend.

According to a community leader, "They are trying to dismantle the 
grassroots leadership of Lavalas by killing them -- in one neighborhood 
after another. This is all in preparation for the sham elections they have 
cooked up for this fall to try and legitimize the February 29, 2004 coup 
d'etat and the coup regime. By 'they' I mean the death-squad government and 
their US, UN, French and Canadian backers."

Many believe these invasions by heavily armed troops and mass killings in 
the poor districts are aimed at preventing mass demonstrations by the poor 
majority calling for the return of their democratically elected President, 
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, such as have occurred with regularity since the 
February 2004 coup.

We demand:

1) an immediate halt to the violence by UN troops and the Haitian police 
against unarmed people in poor communities such as Cite Soleil, Bel Air and 

2) an impartial and independent human rights investigation into the July 
6th UN operation in Cite Soleil, the recent police operation in Solino this 
past week-end, and similar operations in poor, popular neighborhoods over 
the past year.

The Situation is Dire and Calls for Your Immediate Action

Please act now and voice your protest to the as many relevant authorities 
as possible. Call, email, or fax the following individuals:

UN Forces in Haiti:
Juan Gabriel Valdes
Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Haiti
phone: 011-509-244-9650 or 9660
fax 011-509 244 3512.

David Beer
Commissioner of CIVPOL the UN Civilian Police in Haiti
phone: 011-509-525-5279
email: <mailto:beer at un.orgfax: 011-509-244-9366>beer at un.org
fax: 011-509-244-9366

UN Office on Human Rights in Port-au-Prince:


<mailto:cisse-gouro at un.org>cisse-gouro at un.org

Thierry Fagart - <mailto:fagart at un.org>fagart at un.org

Louise Arbour
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
1211 Geneva 10
ph:  41-22-917-9000
fax: 41-22-917-9011
email: <mailto:ngochr at ohchr.org>ngochr at ohchr.org

Bacre Waly Ndiaye
Director—New York Office of the UN Office of the High
Commssioner for Human Rights
ph: 212-963-1583 or 212-963-5930
fax: 212-963-3463

US Govt. Officials:
Timothy Michael Carney
Chargé d'Affaires, U.S. Embassy in Haiti
phone: 011-509-222-0200, 222-0354, 222-0269, 222-0327
fax: 011-509-223-9038

Congressional Switchboard:

Human Rights Groups:

Amnesty International
International Secretariat
1 Easton St., London
email: <mailto:Gducos at amnesty.org>Gducos at amnesty.org

Also, all Amnesty members should contact their local
chapters and organize these chapters to contact the
International Secretariat in London.
For more information contact the Haiti Action Committee,

510-483-1781      <mailto:haitiaction at yahoo.com>haitiaction at yahoo.com 

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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