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Tue Nov 30 08:45:17 EST 2004

US army blocks aid convoy for Falluja
Monday 29 November 2004 9:46 PM GMT


US forces have stopped the convoy from entering the city

The US military has prevented an aid convoy from reaching the besieged city 
of Falluja, a doctor based in Baghdad who accompanied the convoy says.

"The Iraqi ministry of health asked us to go to Falluja. When we were on 
our way, the US army stopped our convoy, and carried out a search," said Dr 
Ibrahim al-Kubaisi.

"After we waited in the US base, located near Falluja, for four hours, a 
doctor told us that they had agreed with the Iraqi ministry of health to 
send a medical team to Falluja but only after eight or nine days.

"There is a terrible crime going in Falluja and they do not want anybody to 
know. I transferred four injured people from the Jordanian field hospital 
to a hospital in Baghdad.

"They told me that there is a crime in there; chemical weapons are being 
used. The corpses don't have traces of gunshots but black patches.

"US forces allow people to go into al-Hadra al-Muhammadiya area, in 
Falluja, but they prohibited anybody to enter al-Julan, al-Askari and 
al-Senai neighbourhoods.

"There are Iraqi families under siege in there," the doctor said.

The humanitarian situation for Falluja residents has been reported to be 
dire. Thousands of Falluja residents have fled the city and are living in 
makeshift shelters surrounding the city.


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