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Yes! The October 31, 2004 Venezuelan elections for Governors confirm reality!


VHeadline.com commentarist Oscar Heck writes: As per the results thus far, 
20 of 22 seats for governors were won by pro-Chavez candidates whilst only 
2 of 22 were won by not-pro-Chavez candidates. This is an overwhelming show 
of support for the Chavez government ... and this, throughout the entire 

It further reinforces the fact that 1) true democracy does exists in 
Venezuela, 2) the Chavez government is much more popular than the 
anti-Chavez, anti-democratic movements have been trying to claim.

These elections should also keep the US government at bay, at least for a 
while. Both Bush and Kerry should heed these elections results ... and 
seriously question the reasons why they are being fed distorted and unreal 

Who is telling them that Venezuela is anti-democratic?

Who is telling them that Chavez is a dictator?

Who is telling them that the Chavez government is persecuting political rivals?

Who is telling them all this garbage?

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)?

The Venezuelan Republican party?

The Venezuelan “civil associations” which have been financed by the NED and 




What hand has the Venezuelan anti-Chavez media had in providing the US 
president (and his adversary, Kerry) with manipulated information about the 
realities in Venezuela?

Why did Globovision, RCTV, Venevision, Televen, El Nacional, El Universal 
and Tal Cual back the anti-democratic Coordinadora Democratica (CD) in its 
efforts to destroy the country in 2002-2003?

Why did these media sources provide the world with lies and distortions, 
slandering Chavez with all their might?

Who paid them for this?

These are serious questions that the next US president should consider. If 
Chavez was so unpopular, as the Venezuelan anti-Chavez movement 
continuously claimed, why did Chavez win 59% of the votes in the August 
2004 referendum?

If the Chavez government is so unpopular, why have 20 of 22 Governor’s 
chairs been won by pro-Chavez candidates?

If the anti-Chavez movements are so popular, as the anti-Chavez movements 
themselves claim, then why did they only win 2 of 22 Governor’s chairs?

Why did they lose 20 of 22 chairs?

Why did they only receive an average of 35% of the vote on October 31, 2004?

Does getting 35% of the vote (versus pro-Chavez votes at 59% average) make 
them “very popular?”

What kind of mathematics do the Venezuelan anti-Chavez movements use?

What kind of mathematics have they been using for the last three years?

They have consistently claimed that “they” are the popular ones and that 
Chavez is unpopular ... and that the referendum was a fraud because “they” 
should have had 60% popularity and not Chavez!

One of the “best” results of the October 31, 2004 elections for State 
Governors is the fact that Enrique Mendoza lost his seat. He is one of the 
most violence-provoking ex-leaders in Venezuela. He openly promoted 
violence and civil unrest in 2002-2003, along with Juan Fernandez (PDVSA), 
Carlos Fernandez (Fedecamaras), Carlos Ortega (CTV), Albis Munoz 
(Fedecamaras) and more .. many of whom are in hiding today.
    * Something is going well in Venezuela ... it is “El Pueblo” (the 
people) who democratically (by vote) ousted the criminal Enrique Mendoza. 
This is democracy in action!

Another interesting factor about these elections is that the pro-Chavez 
parties gained an additional 7 seats. This means that the anti-Chavez 
Governors were not as popular as they claimed ... and no amount of 
“palanca” (bribery) is going to keep them in power .. like in the old days 
of Venezuela’s pseudo-democracies (run by the “old boy’s club”).

How can Chavez be so popular?

Why is it that at least 20 of a total of 25 Venezuelan states/federal 
districts are today headed by pro-Chavez Governors?

The answers are many, but amongst the most obvious is ... Chavez is the 
first President in Venezuelan history to truly care about the 80% poorer 
majority who have suffered generations-worth of abuses under the control of 
the minority (whiter) 20% mid-to-upper classes who, to this day, still live 
in their apartheid-like world ... protected by high-walled, spiked 
barricades and private, armed security personnel.
    * The Chavez government has also managed to slow down the traditionally 
chronic “disappearance” of public funds and PDVSA profits which would 
“miraculously” find themselves in the Miami bank accounts of the former 
reigning elites, their friends and families and pets.

The Chavez government has brought education and health services to the 
majority 80% who had consistently been almost-completely neglected by past 
governments. The Chavez government has put the military to work for the 
people, building houses and roads and assisting the citizens ... rather 
than going around harassing people, stealing from them or shooting them.

The Chavez government is in the process of reviewing all natural-resource 
exploitation contracts with outside firms in order to assure that Venezuela 
gets its fair share of the profits ... not like in the past where some 
contracts negotiated by former administrations called for royalties as low 
as 1% ... which is not only irresponsible, but totally ridiculous from any 
standpoint ­- and they call themselves so educated and intelligent ... huh!

Since Chavez has been in power, the Adecos and Copeyanos have almost 
disappeared ... as aging relics of a corrupt past. Since Chavez has been in 
power, the misnamed Coordinadora Democratica has almost disappeared as well 
... and so has Fedecamaras (Venezuela’s corrupt traditional Chamber of 
Commerce) and the CTV (Venezuela’s corrupt traditional trade union central).
    * All of these organizations made a very bad name for themselves (and 
deservedly so) ... because they were the public leaders of the sabotage of 
the Venezuelan economy in 2002-2003.

The October 31, 2004, elections reinforce reality in Venezuela. About 60% 
of the population generally support the Chavez government ... and only a 
maximum of about 35% support the anti-Chavez movement or political parties 
that want to rule Venezuela like it was ruled in the past ... by unilateral 
presidential decrees, cronyism, favoritism, Presidentially-appointed 
Governors and Mayors ... and abusive police and military force.

Fewer and fewer people are believing what comes out of the mouths of the 
Venezuelan anti-Chavez movements ... except, unfortunately, for people such 
as Bush and Kerry and their oh-so-smart-and-educated “expert” advisors who 
appear to know very little (and probably care even less) about what is 
really going on in this world.

Viva Venezuela’s democracy!

Addendum#1: I just read that Orlando Urdaneta, a Venezuelan anti-Chavez 
actor, declared, on Miami TV today, Monday, that Chavez should be 
assassinated ... and that he would be willing to give the order. Nice guy, 
right? Democratic? Civil? Peaceful? Yeah, sure ... my foot!

Addendum #2: I have also just read that Enrique Mendoza is refusing to 
accept the results of the October 31, 2004 elections in which he lost his 
seat as Governor against a pro-Chavez candidate. What is he going to do 
now? Chain himself to his desk? Go on a hunger strike? Call for the death 
of Chavez ... like both Orlando Urdaneta and Carols Ortega did in Miami?

Oscar Heck
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