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Mon Jun 28 11:31:30 EDT 2004

The Coup, is at it again. peep game, y'all!


that's right
gotta get off the phone, bust this verse

I'm anti-imperial
anti-gun if the shit won't bust
anti-corporate, they anti-my essence
anti-snortin' them anti-depressants
but i'm not pro-poppin' em;
i'm provocative
and pro-stoppin' them FBI operatives
who professional at Black Man Pounce
and hand you a sentence that you can't pronounce
I'm also anti-narco, anti-vice
911 marks the anti-christ
they anti-social, pointin' M-16's;
guess i'm anti-the-anti-nigger-machine
Proletarian, funkadelicparliamentarian
pro-running up in Congress sayin' "fuck it all!"
but bring the people with you, that's the protocol
This beat is joyful like jailbreaks
the whole world is anti-United Snakes
so check it out, anticipate the anti-venom
and move your antibodies to this revolution rhythm
we goin' be fuckin' with 'em
pro-union but most lost they bite
anti-muthafuckas-crossin' a strike
take a look around and be for or against
but you can't do shit if you ridin' the fence.

I'm anti-uppin'-your-dollars-with-telekinesis
(I done tried everyday, and that shit decreases)
We need cash and that's the anti-thesis
I'm pro-overthrow of the "Hip-Hop Nation"
pro-prophylactic yet pro-creation
but i'm not anti-thug
i know that power is the most effective anti-drug
i'm pro-Zapatista
Pro-la raza sayin' "fuck la migra!"
policia se asesina
lemme show you what i mean
I'm anti-republican and democratic
if they self-destruct
that's anti-climactic
tired of bein' hunted like an antelope
take the system by the throat
that's the antidote
so I pose a proposition
take a look, be in support or opposition
then be proactive proceed with confidence
'cause you know that you can't change shit by ridin' the fence

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