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Fri Jun 4 17:33:10 EDT 2004

SF Bay Area Book Release Events are being scheduled for July 30 & 31 with 
David's son, Chesa Boudin. Stay in touch for details.Video also available: 
David Gilbert: A Lifetime of Struggle 

June 4, 2004

 From Abraham Guillen Press

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writings from an anti-imperialist political prisoner

ISBN 1-894925-26-2

288 pages, perfect bound

Abraham Guillen Press and Arm the Spirit are happy to announce the 
publication of David Gilbert’s new book titled  “No Surrender: writings 
from an anti-imperialist political prisoner.” This 288 page book is an 
anthology of David Gilbert’s prison writings since 1981 until the present.

The first public availability of the book will be at 3 back-to-back East 
Coast book launches and events about David Gilbert and other political 
prisoners, on Tuesday June 8 in Boston, Wednesday June 9 in Philadelphia, 
and Thursday June 10 in New York City.  Other book launches over the summer 
and in the fall are in the works.

The book will then be available directly from AG Press in Montreal, Canada 
<http://us.f603.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=abrahamguillenpress@yahoo.com>abrahamguillenpress at yahoo.com, 
from the Freedom Archives, or thru the U.S. distributor AK Press 
<http://us.f603.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=akpress@akpress.org>akpress at akpress.org 

It will take a couple of more weeks to fill, mail, and for folks to receive 
all of the pre-orders of the book that have been made.  So please just a 
little more patience, and thanks again to all those who contributed either 
time or money to this project to support David Gilbert and the fledging 
project of developing a revolutionary anti-authoritarian and 
anti-imperialist publishing house.

Review copies of the book are available upon request. Urgent advance copies 
of the book can be sent electronically as a PDF if necessary. Other 
promotional material available include electronic files of the book’s cover 
and photos of David Gilbert for publications and websites, and a CD of 
David Gilbert reading some selections from his book.

If you are interested in organizing a book launch or would like to 
distribute the book please contact AG Press directly as we can send books 
at a discounted price on consignment, and help you to organize and 
publicize any events.

To order individual copies of the book send $20 ($15 + $5 shipping) in cash 
or cheques made out to “Abraham Guillen Press” and mail to:

Abraham Guillen Press

C.P. 48164

Montreal, Quebec

H2V 4S8


More about David Gilbert and No Surrender:

A founder of Columbia University Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), 
and a veteran of the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War movements, Gilbert 
joined the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) in the late 1960s. After 
more than 10 years of clandestine resistance, he was captured in the course 
of an armed action in 1981. Since that time, he has worked inside the New 
York State prison system as an AIDS activist, prisoner rights advocate, and 

No Surrender is the first collection of David Gilbert's writings, and 
provides a unique contribution to our understanding of the most ambitious 
and audacious attempts by white anti-imperialists to build an underground 
movement "within the belly of the beast." With unsparing honesty and 
unfailing humor, he discusses the errors and successes of the WUO and their 
allies; the pitfalls of racism, sexism, and ego in revolutionary 
organizations; and the possibilities and perils facing today's growing 
anti-war and anti-globalization movements.

"No Surrender" is both an analysis of the past and a vision of our 
collective future. And more. It is the intensely personal, harrowing true 
story of a captive revolutionary, struggling to maintain an active 
political life deep inside America's repressive prisons, where principle is 
his only weapon and surrender is not an option. It's not an easy book; it's 
not an easy path. But it is one we all need to know, to honor, and to 

Praise for "No Surrender":

“David Gilbert’s analytical clarity, commitment to universal justice, and 
unswerving integrity shine through his words. This book is a beacon of 
revolutionary hope and inspiration for extremely troubled times.”

—Barbara Smith, author

"David Gilbert is a warrior in the most profound sense of the term. Imbued 
with a near-crystalline clarity of principle, the indomitable courage to 
live his life in accordance with the values he holds true, and, most 
importantly, his every action guided by the immensity of his love for the 
wretched of this earth, he is truly an inspiration. Predictably, given the 
strength of Gilbert's character, his writings are offered as tools—nay, 
WEAPONS—in the ongoing struggle for liberation. They are thus of 
incalculable value to each of us who aspires to the attainment of freedom, 
justice and dignity for ALL people."

—Ward Churchill, author

"This book stands alone in the growing number of books about the 1960s, the 
anti-Vietnam War Movement, and the Weather Underground Organization because 
of David’s willingness to own it and analyze it. His discussion of our 
strengths and weaknesses, the role of armed struggle, the rise of 
terrorism, and the continued aggression of the U.S. government speak 
directly to the concerns of everyone working for justice anywhere. David’s 
approach to these topics is freer, more alive, and more honest than any I 
have read. This book should stimulate learning from our political 
prisoners, but more importantly it challenges us to work to free them, and 
in doing so take the best of our history forward."

—Susan Rosenberg, former U.S. political prisoner


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