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Fri Jul 9 11:41:32 EDT 2004

A Statement by the People on Hunger Strike Protesting the Israeli Wall in 
the Wake of the ICJ Ruling We, the women and men on hunger strike, 
protesting the continued construction of the Israeli "Separation wall", 
raise our voices in welcoming the ruling handed down by the International 
Court of Justice [ICJ] in the Hague, and which unequivocally declares its 
illegality. The wall, which is being built on occupied Palestinian land, 
separates Palestinian families from one another, children from their 
schools, farmers from their lands, and the sick from the medical facilities 
they need. In essence, the wall imprisons an entire population, 
substituting the conventional metal bars of a prison with an 8-meter high 
cement wall, razor wire, trenches, lookout towers and gates, controlled by 
the wardens of the Israeli Occupying Army.    We assert that this ruling is 
an affirmation of the demands of the Palestinian people who are defending 
their freedom, land and families. We furthermore call upon the General 
Assembly of the United Nations as well as the Security Council, to work 
faithfully to implement its unambiguous decisions, and which represent the 
highest legal authority in the UN. The Security Council must take immediate 
and binding concrete action in order to undo the injustices endured by the 
Palestinian people as a result of Israel's illegal occupation. In this 
regard we look to the example set by the international community in 
confronting the racist policies of the Apartheid regime in South Africa in 
years past. There is no doubt that in order to reverse the grave injustices 
inflicted upon the Palestinian people and to bring about the conditions for 
a genuine peace, Israel must abide by international law and international 
resolutions, including those resolutions which call for a full end to the 
occupation, and the right for Palestinian refugees to return to their lands 
and homes. In this regard, we demand that the existent double standard 
pertaining to Israel and its flagrant disregard of international law, be 
put to an immediate end. Israel is not and cannot be a country above the 
law.  We consider the ICJ ruling a victory for the voices of justice and 
humanity, but is short of being complete until Israel is forced to abide by 
it. We call upon all countries of the world, including the United States of 
America, not to provide Israel with political immunity while it continues 
to adhere to disregarding international law and the will of the 
international community.  This ruling has done away with all of Israel's 
lies and excuses regarding the pretexts for the wall's construction and 
reaffirms the just cause of the Palestinian people, their right to defend 
their land against the brutal assaults of the occupier, and their right to 
receive compensation from Israel for the damages inflicted. We once again 
affirm and commend this decision, which is in-synch with the laws of 
justice and human rights, and shall continue to resist this wall until its 
ultimate demolition, calling upon all people of conscience to join us in 
this struggle.     Hunger Strikers Ar Ram, Jerusalem, near the Site of the 
Planned Israeli Wall July 9, 2004

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