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Operating America From a Bingo Hall
by Ahmed Amr
January 24, 2004
First Published in NileMedia.com

I am starting to believe that America is currently operated from a bingo 
hall in Florida. If this sounds outlandish, just pay a little attention to 
the neo-con lads who now infest the corridors of power in the Beltway.

Most Americans don't know what a neo-con looks like. You could load all the 
neo-cons in America on a Greyhound bus and still have room for a dozen US 
marshals to accompany them to their treason trials. Statistically, you are 
more likely to meet an American Maoist than a neo-con of any nationality. 
If you think I exaggerate the minuscule size of this political "movement", 
than how come you've never met a real live neo-conservative? Just because 
these freaks are constantly beamed into your living room by FOX doesn't 
mean they actually exist. In the real world you can't find a trace of them 
on the political landscape of America's heartland. In political parlance, 
they have no footprint, no constituency and are not a political party.

Your average American probably thinks neo-cons are wise guys that fleece 
the public with new and improved Three-Card Monty scams. But among the 
cultural elite, the word neo-con is short for "neo-conservatives". They 
added "neo" to their political label because the authentic American 
conservative movement considered them too suspect to embrace when they 
defected from the left wing of the Democratic party. In fact, the vast 
majority of conservatives resent the fact that a few dozen Likudnik 
activists managed to hijack their political creed by simply adding a 
three-letter prefix to the conservative logo.

Over time, we all encounter real live Americans with views that span the 
whole spectrum of every political doctrine developed since Adam and Eve. 
The vast majority are likely to identify themselves as Republicans, 
Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, Right Wing, Left Wing, Libertarians, 
Greens, Independents or uninterested.

Once you veer to the fringe of the mainstream spectrum you encounter other 
political subcultures. They come in two varieties; the single-issue 
activists and the ideologically impaired. Single-issue groups are folks who 
identify themselves by such labels as environmentalists, pro-life, 
pro-choice, minority rights and civil rights activists, feminists and so 
on. Moving to the ideological margins, one finds small clusters of Maoists, 
Monarchists, Marxists, Michigan Militia members, Gray Panthers and Flat 
Earth agitators. In actual body count, even the tiniest most marginal 
American political movement outnumbers the neo-conservatives.

The neo-cons are unique in American history in that they did not rise to 
power on the strength of a grass roots constituency. Rather, they came to 
rule the United States by deploying a few high caliber think tanks in the 
nation's capital.

We will not go into the details of the neo-con coup de etat. That story has 
already been well documented by quite a few independent journalists 
including Jim Lobe, Justin Raimondo  and Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired USAF 
Lieutenant Colonel. In their very informative articles, they point out that 
most of the neo-con tribe can trace their origins to the American 
Enterprise Institute (AEI) and JINSA, The Jewish institute for National 
Security Affairs.

The largest contributor to the AEI is Irving Moskowitz, a bingo hall 
operator from Florida. He is a militant supporter of the Jewish settlement 
movement in Israel and the occupied territories. Going down the list of 
Bush Administration foreign policy gurus, one encounters dozens of 
graduates of the AEI, a pro-Israeli lobby group that camouflages itself in 
the garb of a pseudo-academic 'research' establishment. In fact, the only 
thing they research at the AEI is the best marketing strategies for selling 
Sharon's real estate fantasies with a 'made in America' label.

The AEI is not Harvard or Yale or even South Seattle community college. 
They don't have a campus and their website warns visitors that they might 
have parking problems on a visit to their offices. In fact, in the lobby 
business, the AEI is not that extraordinary. It has a budget of about $30 
million, a staff of fifty or so Likudnik operatives puffed with fancy 
labels like "resident scholar" and "AEI fellow".

So, how did this bingo hall financed 'enterprise', a lobby working for the 
account of a foreign government, end up placing over twenty of its 
graduates in the most sensitive positions at the Pentagon and the State 
department? The short answer is they rode into town on a Trojan horse named 
Dick Cheney. His wife still draws a paycheck from the AEI. The Vice 
President along with Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, 
John Bolton and Elliot Abrams all have long standing ties to the American 
Enterprise Institute and other institutions under the Israeli Lobby umbrella.

After placing so many of their operatives in such sensitive second tier 
positions; the next step for this bingo hall subsidized cabal was to 
project their presence on the national stage. For this task, they recruited 
mass media operatives like William Safire, who boasts about writing 
Sharon's speeches and Charles Krauthammer, a designated OSP leaker. Some of 
the other neo-con media personalities are Judith 'WMD' Miller, Wolf 'War 
Room' Blitzer, Aaron 'arson' Brown, Andrea Mitchell (a centerfold on AEI's 
web site) and Ted Koppel, a family friend of Netenyahu. By far, the most 
formidable part of their media arsenal is Rupert Murdoch's neo-con gang at 
FOX. The Weekly Standard and the New York POST.

On account of their friends in high media places, the neo-cons were given a 
virtual monopoly on using the giant podiums at CNN and FOX plus open access 
to the editorial pages of the New York Times, The Washington Post and the 
Wall Street Journal. Newspaper syndicates further amplified their message 
by distributing neo-con editorials to every major municipal paper across 
the country. So, if you missed them on FOX, you were certain to read their 
opinions in your morning paper.

Consider the strange case of Richard Perle. Believe it or not, he is not 
even a government official. Still he roams the globe issuing threats to the 
French, the Turks, the Russians and the Arabs like he was the uncrowned 
emperor of the realm. He shows up in Jerusalem with the likes of a bigot 
like Daniel Pipes to swear allegiance to the vision of a 'Greater Israel'. 
Yet Perle's only connection to the government is that he belongs to the 
Pentagon equivalent of the PTA, the Defense Policy Board. What kind of 
education programs would we have if a member of your local PTA could usurp 
the power of the Department of Education? Among other things, this 
extremist Likudnik chickenhawk arrogated to his neo-con cabal the power to 
dress down four star generals on battle strategies. He proclaimed that 
troop deployment requirements were a "political decision that they were not 
qualified to make". Maybe we should close down West Point and open the 
Richard Perle Center for the Advanced Study of Middle East Invasions.

Moving on to Paul Wolfowitz. Since when did a Deputy Secretary of Defense 
have such a high public profile? Can you name a single Deputy Secretary of 
any Department since George Washington? How exactly did the position of a 
Deputy Secretary evolve to the point where he could usurp the power of the 
State Department? How about Bolton, the man who doesn't "do carrots"? It is 
an open secret in Washington that his role at the State Department is to 
watch over Colin Powell and make sure that Foggy Bottom marches to the beat 
of the neo-con war drums.

While projecting themselves as a political movement, the neo-cons went 
shopping for a 'real' constituency. They found willing allies among the 
millions of Americans on the Christian Right who believe Armageddon is 
around the corner. All it took to convince them was the promise that the 
neo-con agenda would speed up the end of times. The pitch was that Sharon's 
repression of the Palestinians was part of the All Mighty's plan to bring 
on the final days.

Now that their war games have unraveled, the neo-con cabal is smearing 
their detractors as anti-Semites while canvassing the exit doors. Once they 
regroup, you will probably find them in Florida gathered around Moskowitz, 
their patron saint. After a little rest, they will be back in the business 
of writing new manuals for operating America. Believe it or not, some 
little old lady in Miami is marking a bingo card and changing the history 
of the world.

Ahmed Amr is the Editor of NileMedia, where this article first appeared. He 
can be reached at: Montraj at aol.com.

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