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The truth is out there, somewhere

ANTONIA ZERBISIAS - Toronto Star Dec 8, 2004


It is disturbingly easy to lose track of those who have fallen over the
past few weeks in Nablus, the largest city in the West Bank and,
reportedly, the breeding ground for most of the suicide bombers who have
terrorized Israelis.

A search of various databases turns up mind-boggling headlines that change
every day, and sometimes every hour. "Three Palestinian militants killed
by Israeli patrols during West Bank sweep'' read one yesterday, which
followed another "Israeli troops kill Palestinian teenager in West Bank''
the day before and another "Five Palestinians killed in clashes" on

We're looking at perhaps two dozen Palestinians dead and maybe 250 more
injured since mid-December when the town came under a virtually
uninterrupted Israeli military blockade. A 5-year-old was gunned down just
before Christmas. This week, a 15-year-old was shot dead because, as IDF
troops said, he was hurling concrete blocks at them from a rooftop. His
17-year-old cousin was killed during the burial because, as the Jerusalem
Post reported, "soldiers spotted an armed Palestinian participating in the

Don't be confused by the coverage cited here because chances are you have
seen none of it, no matter how much of a media junkie you may be.

Mostly, the "operation" on the town, where homes have been dynamited and
civilians confined to quarters, has merited a few sentences in the back
pages of North America's newspapers, including this one. Not even CBC, the
network that stands accused by the National Post and myriad Jewish groups
of a systemic anti-Israel bias, has given the siege more than a few
seconds of airtime.

Instead, the news focus just about everywhere has been on baby-dangling
crocodile hunters and 55-hour marriage of a your-15-minutes-are-up pop
tart, Princess Anne's killer terrier and Lady Diana's terror of being
killed, heightened travel alerts and holiday cheer, Saddam's capture,
crazy chicks (Paris Hilton) and mad cows, and SARS and Mars (the last
three of which, admittedly, are important).

Coverage of issues in Israel has largely been relegated to how a few
illegal settlements, many of them consisting of nothing more than a
hilltop trailer and a flag, will be dismantled, to how Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon was jeered by his hardest line party members and to some
overtures of peace being made by Egypt.

No wonder that, in referring to the situation in Nablus, Palestinian Prime
Minister Ahmed Qorei told Voice of Palestine Radio, "Whenever the
Palestinians carry out any attacks or operations against Israel they are
condemned by the whole world but when Israel carries out attacks against
our people, the international community stays silent."

Is it true the world no longer gives a damn about the escalated violence
in the Holy Land, now in its 40th horrific month? Is the Palestinian
uprising no longer good for TV ratings? Or was Nablus downplayed because
the blockade was staged over the holidays when many journalists are off?
Or have the media been cowed into silence by increasingly vociferous and
voluminous e-attacks on their mailboxes, manners and moral fibre?

Every day when I log on to my e-mail, I find at least 50 missives, mostly
pro-Israel but increasingly pro-Palestinian as well, presenting their
version of reality. Ugly debates rage over whether the Arabic-language
news network Al Jazeera should be allowed into Canada because, quite
frankly, some people don't want its version of reality to be seen here.
Entire Web sites spring up to monitor what journalists do, to call us
"Idiotarians," to condemn us as anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim, or to alert
readers to bombard us with more e-mail. Other sites (memri.org) translate
from Arabic what is claimed to be hateful daily news stories about Jews
and Israel while other sites still (the newly launched aad-online.org)
claim to do the same from Hebrew about Muslims and Arabs.

I know about Nablus thanks to sites such as palestinemonitor.org,
palsolidarity.org and fromoccupiedpalestine.org. But I don't trust these
alone, and don't have to because I have the time and resources to check
and double-check elsewhere. Most others don't.

And so concurrent with the spread of the Internet, coincidentally or not,
the poles grow further apart, the fear mounts, the hate entrenches and the
violence escalates.

Or so it seems  thanks to the Internet that perpetuates the paranoia
while, ironically, providing the reportage the mainstream media appear to
have abandoned.

What the Web giveth, it also taketh away.

The truth is out there, all right.

Trouble is, it's way out there, for better or worse, in cyberspace.

Antonia Zerbisias appears every Thursday. azerbis at thestar.ca

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